authenticWEB Launches New Site for South Florida Family Law Firm

Isaacs & Reid - Marital and Family Law

Orlando Internet marketing company authenticWEB recently launched a new site for Isaacs & Reid, a family law firm. The firm needed an updated design with the incorporation of video, easily accessed, compelling content and a long scrolling responsive layout. authenticWeb’s team jumped at the chance to make a more positive experience for users and strengthen Isaacs & Reid’s brand and web presence.

Visitors are now immediately greeted with an overview of the firm, its beliefs and what makes Isaacs & Reid qualified to handle their case. Previous versions of the site often made it difficult for those seeking information. The long scroll layout now guides them through each step without loading new pages. This design increases conversion, urging users to take action or seek personalized information on their specific need.

The redesigned website also features:

·       Responsive design, for enhanced performance on all desktop and mobile devices

·       Clearer, more concise content

·       A more attractive color scheme and supporting imagery

Video plays a more prominent role in the new look, with video teaching visitors family law basics and what to avoid when starting the process. Blogs and newsletters can now keep visitors informed and up to date with simplified access at the top of the page. A live chat function increases conversion with immediate engagement for those reading the site.

About authenticWEB: authenticWEB was started by Ian Garlic and Jessica Curry — fueled by the idea that businesses could evolve and grow through the web.  They realized that every small business has a unique story, and unique value to its clients. They also saw that most marketing professionals often treat businesses like products.  In doing so, these marketing professionals lose opportunities, and find themselves unable to convey the business's message.


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