authenticWEB Launches New Site for Colorado Based Law Firm

Foster, Graham, Milstein & Calisher - Financial, Injury, Real Estate and Criminal Law

Orlando Internet marketing company authenticWEB recently launched a new site for Foster, Graham, Milstein and Calisher (FGMC), a law firm offering diverse services to the Colorado area. The firm wanted to take a different approach and emphasize their dedication to serving the local community. The authenticWEB team took initial steps to improve the websites overall functionality and support conversion, as well as use branding and graphics to enhance the site and support FGMC’s goal.

Drawing on the natural sights of their headquarters in Denver, CO, visitors are welcomed by a beautiful landscape of the city skyline and mountain ranges disappearing into the horizon. FGMC’s brand already employed earthy colors, which are now supporting the new imagery and evenly break the page into color-coded sections. Background images depict additional mountain ranges including outdoor activities unique to its snow covered, rocky terrain.

The redesigned website also features:

·       A mobile-friendly, responsive design which adapts to all devices

·       Long scrolling, full width layout

·       Better content organization to support conversion

A major part of making a company feel local is sharing stories from within visitors own communities. The new website layout emphasizes an extensive collection of client stories from around the state. Visitors can learn about the real life circumstances in which FGMC fought for its clients and how the case played out.

About authenticWEB: authenticWEB was started by Ian Garlic and Jessica Curry — fueled by the idea that businesses could evolve and grow through the web.  They realized that every small business has a unique story, and unique value to its clients. They also saw that most marketing professionals often treat businesses like products.  In doing so, these marketing professionals lose opportunities, and find themselves unable to convey the business's message.


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