Australia's Mining Sector Facing Critical Worker Shortage

Future mining projects could be in jeopardy, with the industry facing a severe shortage of workers as younger 'greener' generations are deterred by the problematic environmental reputation of the mining sector

Techforce Personnel

According to labour hire agency Techforce Personnel, the mining industry is facing its worst skills crisis with Gen Z turning their backs on the sector due to environmental concerns.

A recent report released by the Australian Resources and Energy Employer Association (AREE) revealed that over the next five years, the mining industry would need 24,000 new workers to uphold projects across the country. Projects at risk include coal, gold and critical minerals. 

Chief executive of the association Steve Knott says, "This is threatening the continuity of existing operations, resulting in temporary or permanent production downgrades and driving other workforce issues, including historic levels of staff turnover."

At present, the association is battling a staff shortage, making it difficult to maintain current operations at their full productivity level. Techforce explains one of the key roadblocks in recruiting new staff is appealing to young people who are deterred by the problematic environmental reputation of the mining industry. 

With environmental sustainability a global focus, the mining industry has been forced to rebrand but Techforce says the sector is working hard to reposition itself and improve its environmental and social performance. 

Programs are being launched targeting young talent, encouraging innovation and creative thinking in a pivoting sector. To appeal to potential candidates, the Perth labour hire company says the industry needs to work with government, unions and education providers.

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Source: Techforce Personnel