Aura Releases Its Industry Benchmarking Report, Revealing Actionable Insights Into Global Workforce Trends

This benchmarking report from Aura offers an in-depth analysis of job market trends and highlights key insights for strategic business and investment decisions.

Aura's 2023 Industry Benchmarking Report

Aura, a leading analytics platform, released its highly anticipated Industry Benchmarking Report today, providing a comprehensive analysis of global workforce trends across various industries. This report offers in-depth insights into the evolving labor market and employer demand, which is crucial data for enterprises and financial firms driving business and investment decisions. 

Evan Sohn, CEO of Aura and a respected commentator on workforce trends, highlighted the significance of the report in his statement: “This report showcases our dedication to providing actionable insights rooted in credible workforce intelligence crucial for strategic decision-making. Aura's Industry Benchmarking Report contains vital data for leaders to foster growth and adapt to the rapidly changing global market landscape.”

Sample Insights for Strategic Decision-Making:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration in Industries: Recorded 936,000 new AI job postings within the healthcare sector, underscoring an ongoing emphasis on technological integration to enhance services.
  • Public Sector Resilience: The public sector has shown remarkable employment growth, highlighting its expanding role in societal infrastructure and development.
  • Technology Sector Dynamics: The technology sector saw 7.2 million new job postings in 2023, with significant job postings in Information Services (19.9%) and Program Development (18.4%).
  • Healthcare Sector Expansion: The healthcare sector’s workforce grew from 17 million in 2022 to 20 million in 2023, indicating robust growth and a high demand for healthcare professionals.
  • Growth in Remote Job Postings: Despite an overall decline, the U.S. and Brazil continue to showcase significant remote job opportunities, reflecting varying regional approaches to workplace flexibility.
  • Advancements in Gender Diversity: Achieved near gender parity in the public sector, reflecting progressive employment policies and contributing to a more inclusive public service environment.

"Aura’s platform has uniquely positioned us to analyze vast datasets and reveal patterns that might otherwise remain obscured," Sohn added. "This year’s findings point to significant shifts, including the increasing importance of AI skills across multiple sectors and the strategic implications of remote work. These trends are not just reshaping businesses; they are reshaping economies. In an era where data is often clouded by interpretation, Aura stands out by providing pure and objective insights.”

The report covers extensive ground from the surge in remote working to the transformative impact of artificial intelligence in job roles across sectors such as technology, healthcare, and finance. It also provides a deep dive into shifts in workforce diversity and the challenges and opportunities these pose for the future.

Aura's Industry Benchmarking Report covering 2023 is now available for download. Management consultants, private equity professionals, and industry leaders can explore the report’s findings to understand future workforce trajectories and identify strategic and investment opportunities.

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About Aura:

Launched as a spin-out from Bain & Company, one of the world's leading consulting firms, Aura Intelligence is the premier SaaS platform for Workforce Analytics and Insights. Aura meets the needs of consulting firms, private equity firms, hedge funds, and large enterprises seeking alternative and actionable data around corporate workforce analytics, such as hiring and attrition trends, skills evolution, and job market dynamics. Experience the future of workforce insights and unlock your competitive edge with Aura. For more information, visit

Source: Aura Intelligence, Inc.

About Aura Intelligence, Inc.

Aura Intelligence, a spin-out from Bain & Company, offers premier SaaS for Workforce Intelligence. It delivers actionable data on hiring trends, skills evolution, & job market dynamics for consulting firms, private equity, hedge funds, & enterprises.


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