Aura Intelligence Becomes an Independent Powerhouse in Workforce Analytics After Successful Incubation by Bain & Company’s Founder’s Studio

Leveraging SaaS expertise for global growth: Aura Intelligence, Inc. spins out from Bain's Engine 2 Founders Studio with a proven workforce analytics platform.

Unlock workforce intelligence with Aura.

Following three years of incubation within Bain & Company's Engine 2 Ventures and having successfully leveraged over 1,000 consulting engagements, Aura Intelligence, Inc. announces its spinout from Bain & Company as an independent company. Aura is poised to expand its reach and influence now as a standalone company.

Aura, a SaaS platform, provides a cost-effective and easy solution to overcoming the complex and cumbersome process of gathering and developing workforce analytics and insights.

Aura was conceived and engineered within Bain's Engine 2 Founders Studio to address the growing demand from its clients to leverage consolidated, granular, and actionable workforce insights. In 2023 alone, Aura's sophisticated analytics were instrumental to over 500 Bain clients across diverse industries and locations, underscoring the platform's value. Aura is emerging as a proven, reliable and vetted product, having demonstrated its value to reduce risk, enhance profitability, and generate savings in both money and time for Bain and its clients.

Quick to deploy, intuitive to use, and delivering results at an unprecedented pace, Aura is set to dramatically change the way companies access and apply workforce insights and analytics.

"Seeing Aura emerge as an independent force in workforce analytics is a testament to our commitment at Bain & Company to foster innovation and nurture groundbreaking solutions. Aura's success story, from its conception within Bain’s Engine 2 Founders Studio portfolio to becoming a standalone entity, exemplifies our dedication to advancing the frontiers of technology and management practice. We are proud of what Aura has achieved and excited to watch it redefine the landscape of workforce insights on a global scale." - Ron Kermisch, Head of Bain & Company's Founders Studio.

The spinout of Aura aligns with Bain & Company's tradition of fostering innovation and propelling forward-thinking startups toward independence. This strategic move will enable Aura to expand its client base and enhance its product offering and capabilities even further.

With the goal of independent growth and expansion, Aura Intelligence is open for business to offer its solution to the world.

"We are thrilled to see Aura take this next step," said Evan Sohn, CEO of Aura Intelligence. "The success of Aura within Bain's ecosystem has been remarkable, and we are confident that  as an independent entity, Aura Intelligence will continue to soar to new heights, driving the  future of workforce analytics." 

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About Aura Intelligence 

Launched as a spin-out from Bain & Company, one of the world’s leading consulting firms, Aura Intelligence is the premier SaaS platform for Workforce Analytics and Insights. Aura meets the needs of consulting firms, private equity firms, hedge funds, and large enterprises seeking alternative and actionable data around corporate workforce analytics, such as hiring and attrition trends, skills evolution, and job market dynamics. Experience the future of workforce insights and unlock your competitive edge with Aura. For more information, visit

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Engine 2 Ventures is building Bain’s next generation of innovative software and data businesses based on our unique expertise around NPS®, talent development, ESG, and more. It’s where we incubate new ideas to help Fortune 1000 companies grow and support Engine 2 businesses with funding, talent, and go-to-market expertise.  

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About Aura Intelligence, Inc.

Aura Intelligence, a spin-out from Bain & Company, offers premier SaaS for Workforce Intelligence. It delivers actionable data on hiring trends, skills evolution, & job market dynamics for consulting firms, private equity, hedge funds, & enterprises.


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