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​Headquartered in Texas, ​’s solutions are integrated with reputed shipping companies to assist them to provide services like shipment tracking and notifications via email and messages, real-time shipping estimates, one-click tracking number, enabling free, fixed or dynamic shipment fees, upfront transparent billing, free door-step pick up, bulk shipment, integrated wallets for easy payment, information about the return shipments with non-delivery reports and shipping costs with return management service. The impressive fact about the solution is that it does not require users to install any plug-in or third-party software. It consists of features like web hosting, easy-to-use interface, responsive design, auto bidding and anti-sniping.

Auctions make online shopping more interesting and keep the users more engaged. With its comprehensive solution, product as software, Auction Software’s pricing beats all of its competitors, including Shopify, Magento, etc. Along with features like build their own micro-site, allowing sellers to create multiple stores, users can even advertise stores, products and customize their look and feel. As a site administrator and online store owner, the user has complete access to the platform without developing any complex coding. The user can set up subscription plans for stores and earn commission for every sale. Furthermore, Auction Software enables users to generate custom reports to keep track of various metrics. stands best in the auction because it does bidding at nanoseconds. Very high traffic applications can be easily possible as the servers are built on AWS Architecture where load balancer and auto-scaling comes into the picture. Its cloud-based auction management solution includes features such as user-configurable auction websites, consignment management, invoice generation and payment processing. Auction Software allows auctioneers to create auction websites that are compatible with mobile devices and its Auction Method enables organizations to create online invoices and credit-card transactions processing. Similarly, it can send automated text messages to clients reminding them about upcoming auctions. has deployed itself in big projects like Slibuy, General Motors,,,,, and IngramMicro product – Renugo. They have broken conventional methods and dared to bring in features like company management and bidding functions all together at one place for all listed companies (mass bidding), sub-administration, sales representative customized functionalities, etc. Similarly, with Slibuy, which has had rigorous bidding, the site stood exceptionally well with the adversity and strength, as it was designed. Auction Software can also be customized for marketplace software - for more details check


About YourStore LLC ( unlocks the power of returns! Through daily auctions across the country that start as low as $1, bidders can win products from hundreds of big-brand retailers at a fraction of the price.

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