Attune University Offers Online Open Source Training at $249 Only

Attune University, a sister enterprise of Attune Infocom is offering industry's finest quality assured, Online Open Source Training at $249 only. The company has successfully delivered 100+ online trainings in open source software in 2013 alone.

The advent of online training has come up as a boon for people, especially those who can't afford the time and journey one has to spend to go to the premises to gain an education. Moreover, online training trend has removed the geographical bias of nations since with the benefit of online training one need not go to another state, province or even another country to learn and gain education. One can simply enroll in the course they wish for and learn it from the comforts of their home. But the majority of time online training has got just one dilemma for the learner and that is the budget factor since most of the service providers who provide quality services underestimate the affordability needs of a learner.

Currently there is hardly a handful of online teaching service providers of global front who have the ability to offer quality with reasonability. One such name is Attune University since the company has come up with unbelievable offers of Online Open Source training at $249 only from industry's finest professionals in global front. Attune University provides Online Training for Tech Leads, Developers and Project Managers as per clients preferences.

Attune's Online Open Source training courses are available for an extensive series of open source software packages at global front and that too at a mere $249 per course. The open source packages on which Attune University trains are listed below -

Ext Js Training

Alfresco Training

Activiti BPM Training

JBoss JBPM Training

Liferay Development Training

Apache Hadoop Training

Apache Cassandra Training

Hbase Training

Puppet Training

Automated Testing Training

Continuous Delivery Training

Chef Training

AWS Cloud Computing Training

JBoss Drools Training

Openstack Cloud Computing Training

AWS Architect Training

Attune University offers everyone the opportunity to learn open source technologies, but without making any compromise with the budget since for the 1st time ever a world recognized company is offering open source training course for an exclusive offer price of $249 only. You can pick any of the above mentioned courses to learn online from Attune's proficient professional and you need to pay only $249 only considering the experience and technical proficient team and resources Attune University is blessed with.

In the year 2013 alone Attune University has delivered 100+ online trainings in open source software like Liferay, Alfresco, jBPM, Activiti BPM, Mule ESB, Amazon, Hadoop, ExtJs, Apache Stack, Jboss Stack, SOA and many more which surely proves out to be a landmark in the success of Attune Univeristy.

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