Attune University Announcing Amazon and Hadoop Cloud Computing Public Training at Riyadh

Learn Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing and Apache Hadoop distributed computing with our expert team at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Register your seat today, as we are offering 50% discount for limited seats.

In the Middle East region, Saudi Arabia is one such big scale ICT industry as per government official web portal. It serves over 27 million consumers and a number of largest global enterprises. Not that, but over 55% and 51% of the total Middle East markets has been taken care by the Saudi Arabian telecommunications and information technology industries, respectively.

Attune Infocom is Cloud Computing experts representing AWS as a consulting partner. Within cloud domain, Apache Hadoop is one such open source player available and Attune Infocom is offering its expertise area to support and migrate Saudi Arabia organizations by sharing knowledge on AWS Cloud Computing and Hadoop distributed computing. With this objective, Attune University in introducing 3 days hands on training at Riyadh with 50% discount offer. This price is very much affordable and participants can be enrolled from every small, medium and large size companies. After these 3 days training, candidate will be ready to deploy applications over Cloud environment and help the organizations to reduce their overall IT spending on physical infrastructure.

IT is a backbone to every industry today hence the next big thing is securing your IT applications and data over the internet, so keeping security as the important aspect, AWS has wonderful product like Disaster Recovery solutions is one such benefit to understand. Get your team ready on Cloud platform, one can start with Attune University training and get a deep dive into world's largest Cloud Computing provider, Amazon Web Services. On other side, securing your data is very much crucial and possible through implementation of Apache Hadoop distributed computing environment.
As per the official reports, ICT spending has grown in Saudi for more than 10% per year since 2001 to year 2006. A large number of Saudi Arabian IT industries show clear signs of rapid growth, and faithfully can achieve growth by multiplying expanding skills with help of top notch IT support using Cloud Computing services.

Please find below the 3 days training schedule at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Course: Cloud Computing AWS
Date: 9, 10 & 11 September, 2013
Regular Price: USD 1490
Offer: 50% discount Price: USD 745
Get 50% discount,

Course: Apache Hadoop
Date: 10, 11 & 12 September, 2013
Price: USD 1490
Offer: 50% discount Price: USD 745
Get 50% discount,

As an introductory offer, we are offering 50% discount on fees. This offer is valid for few seats only and applicable on first come first serve basis.
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