Atomstack Announces Launch of Cambrian - The World's First 3D Printer for Thermoplastic Rubber

​​Today, Atomstack, an innovative company setting new standards in 3D printing, announced the launch of Cambrian, the world’s first 3D printer for thermoplastic rubber filament. This powerful new desktop FDM 3D printer is a powerful creative tool capable of producing virtually any end-use rubber product as well as handling traditional 3D printing tasks. Atomstack Cambrian is available now on Kickstarter. Learn more here:

With Atomstack Cambrian, users now have the ability to print in TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber). This material opens up an endless number of applications and lets users create virtually any affordable and high-quality end-use rubber product such as shoes, lattices, sporting goods, medical devices, prototypes, and more. Cambrian achieves this by using a swappable extruder design – including one extruder for traditional filaments and one specially designed extruder for TPR.

“For years, the FDM 3D printing industry has been trying to develop a reliable way to print with rubber-like filaments. This has been difficult for a number of reasons including the fact that highly elastic filament materials are prone to jamming. To solve these problems, we had to rethink the entire process. We began by designing a new 2.85mm direct extruder design that eliminated nozzle jams, then we developed special rubber filament TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) with a high elasticity (50-70A hardness) and resiliency ( >50%) capable of accurately and reliably printing virtually any end-use rubber products,” said Jason Li​, Atomstack CEO.

Cambrian is well built. It has a sleek, all-metal framework of anodized aluminum alloy with a specially designed patterned glass hotbed platform that improves printing quality by keeping the extruded filament warm to prevent warping. The compact, desktop design keeps all control cables hidden and all major components are made of high-strength aluminum which provides the rigidity needed for accurate prints. Cambrian’s 4.3" touchscreen LCD is an easy-to-use control panel. With it, users can precisely control the temperature of the hotbed and extruder, set printing parameters, and see print previews, ensuring a simple, intuitive printing experience with great results every time.   

Atomstack Cambrian represents an important evolution in 3D printing, giving users total versatility to print with any traditional FDM 3D filament such as PLA, TPU, TPE, ABS, and PETG, as well as the power of thermoplastic rubber 3D printing for real-world products. For home users, hobbyists and professionals alike, Cambrian is the perfect choice when it comes to 3D printing.  

Atomstack Cambrian, the world’s first 3D printer for thermoplastic rubber filament is available now with special deals and discounts for early adopters. Learn more here:

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