Atlanta Tech Company Grew 200% in Last Year, Looking to Hire Talent

The Atlanta-based SEO/PPC company EverSpark Interactive is one of the fastest-growing marketing agencies in the country. Led by former Chief Technical Officer and current CEO Muhammad Shahzad, Everspark grew 100% in 2020 and 200% in 2021. Shahzad says, this year, he wants the company to grow another 100 percent. 

In 2021, EverSpark retained 99% of its clients, all of whom received more business and web traffic in 2021 than in the previous year.

Founded in Atlanta in 2009, EverSpark is the home of talented web designers, intuitive data analysts, and expert pay-per-click marketers. The company recently hired two marketing professionals to help manage and drive more growth.

Nashville-based marketer Stephen Brunson was brought on as Business Development Specialist, helping EverSpark gain traction in the Tennessee market. Rebecca Waraczynski was also recently brought on as Business Strategist, a role in which she will manage a portfolio of SaaS companies.

As one of the top legal marketing companies in the nation, EverSpark is proud to promote current team members for leadership positions. Former Content Strategist Sarah Karwisch was promoted to Director of Content Strategy, and former Content Producer Emily Warner was promoted to Content Marketing Manager.

Promotions reward hard work and CEO Muhammad Shahzad says they foster motivation in employees, giving them a stake in the company and helping them gain invaluable skills. 

EverSpark is currently looking to hire an Account Manager, an Account Executive, and a PPC Account Executive. For anyone with digital marketing experience who is looking for a new challenge, contact EverSpark today to apply.

Source: EverSpark Interactive