Atlanta Legal Marketing Company Ranks #1 in Industry

Company Looking to Hire Branding Strategist

EverSpark team members

EverSpark Interactive, the Sandy Springs-based legal marketing agency, achieved wunderkind status last month. For years, the agency worked to become a top legal marketing firm in the U.S. In executing the same marketing strategies used for clients, EverSpark solidified its position as the "best of the best" in legal marketing.

This achievement is owed in no small part to former Marketing Director Jordanna Kalkhof, who has since been promoted to COO of EverSpark. Kalkhof was hired as an Account Manager in 2020 and quickly earned leadership positions in the Accounts and Law Firm Marketing departments.

Of the promotion, EverSpark CEO Moe Shahzad says, "Jordanna's ability to communicate complex ideas into simple, actionable plans that our team and our clients easily understand makes her the perfect COO for our agency."

As COO, Kalkhof works closely with the Accounts, Development, and Analytics departments, all of which recently gained new professionals. Ashleigh Burdette of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Jack Valladares of Sandy Springs, Georgia, were hired in May 2022 as SEO Analyst and Project Manager, respectively. Annie Wood of Tallahassee, Florida, was hired in July 2022 as an Account Executive with a focus on both legal and finance clients.

Mara Siegel of Atlanta was also hired in April 2022 as Legal Intake Training Manager, a new position at EverSpark supporting its new Legal Intake department. A pioneering strategy among digital marketing firms, Legal Intake Training helps law firms convert more qualified cases as well as building stronger relationships for referring firms.

EverSpark continues to demonstrate its prowess in the legal marketing field, however, it's still a main contender in other industries. The agency signed on several new e-commerce and finance clients in the past 24 months, enjoys consistent growth, and is aiming to grow an additional 30% by the end of 2022.

EverSpark is looking to hire a Brand Strategist who will help with its own marketing and offer services to law firms with inventive finesse. If you're a creative marketing professional with branding experience, contact EverSpark today.

Source: EverSpark Interactive