Astrilis Working Group Combats Climate Change

International coalition takes action with its collaborative effort to reduce Global Warming.

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In response to the mounting evidence that we are approaching the ‘Melt Threshold’ of the world’s largest ice sheets, and the growing need to take action to stop global warming, AWG led the charge today by signing an MOU with Microspace Rapid Pte Ltd regarding the acquisition of the most technologically advanced tools our species needs to control rising temperatures and sustain the continuing development of our global civilization.

AWGs Project Architect, Dwight Prouty stated that “The basic physics of the situation is that the problem can not be solved without reaching beyond our planet for the resources and energy we need to control our terrestrial environment. While it is true that burning fewer fossil fuels might help, we’ve gone far beyond the point when such efforts could have prevented us from exceeding the ‘Melt Threshold’ and being inundated. It is time we acknowledged this and moved on to implementing the only methods that can, which are to reduce the amount of solar energy that is warming our planet.” He went on to add that “Scientists have proven that folks have been financially unable to make the changes that might have slowed this process by conservation. AWG understands why this has been the case, and has begun the process of implementing the only feasibly affordable technologies that can resolve the problem without depriving them of the energy and tools they need to carry on with their daily lives.”

Dr. Giulio Manzoni, CEO of Microspace, is also fully engaged and already deeply at work with his team to support AWG extremely challenging goals by providing, in very large quantities, the most advanced nanospacecraft and technologies that will complement and complete the outer space resources acquisition program as well as enable the deployment and control of the solar radiation shields that will reduce global warming. He said that “Microspace’s unique combination of experience, space proven technologies, and broad vision is essential for success. We are very proud of being involved in this project, as it is a cornerstone in our species evolution that cannot be missed nor avoided if we are to preserve our global civilization.”

“For over a quarter of a century now,” Coty Kaliszewski, the CEO of AWG said “the mere mention of Climate Change has created such a torrent of denial and negativity that our message has been buried under misapprehensions that we’re advocating ‘Carbon Taxes’ or trying to secretly benefit ourselves in some incomprehensible manner. So I’d like to make it very clear that what AWG is attempting to accomplish is to industriously increase the wealth of our entire world, not take away what it already has, nor change the status quo in any way other than by uniformly raising the quality of life on our planet. Astrilis Working Group’s program represents the only feasible means of achieving the goals of a Green New Deal, and provides the greatest return on the least investment, yet funding the purely charitable effort to accomplish the Astrilis program requires our actively seeking additional financial support to implement these solutions in the short period remaining before the the ‘Melt Threshold’ is crossed, because from henceforth: time is of the essence!

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