Astrilis Working Group Calls for International Collaboration to Ensure Prosperity

Global program makes essential resources available and provides the only feasible solution for Climate Change

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Astrilis Working Group announced today that it was implementing its plan to solve the intensifying problems caused by the rapid growth of human population, in the only humane manner by which they can be feasibly resolved, and has begun informal discussions with international financial institutions regarding possibilities of technical and financial cooperation. 

Mr Bob Roth, the Chairman of AWG said, “Our program rapidly returns the vital resources we need to sustain our consumer-based societies, and by creating entirely new markets for the vast majority of the resources we acquire, we maintain the stability of the current market values of the PGMs and other materials on which our financial institutions are based.” 

Astrilis provides the solutions for many of the accelerating climate problems reported over the course of the last year, including those most recently identified at the WEF, as Black Swans, Gray Rhinos, and the other financial market difficulties presented as being imminent. As there remains little time to deal with these problems, AWG is calling for global collaboration to encourage the rapid implementation of these solutions.

AWG’s Project Architect, Dwight Prouty stated that “By converting the slag we obtain from refining asteroids, into new territory in the form of habitations and industrial platforms, we create protected environments in which industry can less expensively obtain, process and produce the Concrete, Steel, and Glass that is essential in construction and manufacturing, and outspaces the majority of the CO2, and other greenhouse gas emissions that are causing climate change on Earth. Hazardous chemical and biological production processes can be safely outspaced, and only the final products safely returned for consumption.” 

During the press conference AWG’s CEO, Coty Kaliszewski conveyed his concern that “In order to accomplish the Astrilis program efficiently, and equitably, for our species as a whole, the primary challenge that AWG must overcome is our national and industrial tendencies to compete, rather than collaborate,” and said that “AWG’s intent is to ensure the sustainable growth, and development, of every nation. Our forums are designed to provide an internationally common platform, on which technological refinements can be cooperatively developed, and the economic benefits equitably distributed to our entire species.”

For more information, visit ASTRILIS•ORG

  • Press Contact: Dwight Prouty
  • 303 838 7722

Source: Astrilis Working Group


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