Association of California School Administrators Endorse Efren Martinez for CA State Assembly

Emerging as the South L.A.'s Community Favorite, Efren Martinez Proves He’s the Community Candidate for California State Assembly

Efren Martinez

In a significant development for the future of education in South Los Angeles, the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA), the largest umbrella organization for school leaders in the United States, has announced its endorsement for Efren Martinez's candidacy for California State Assembly. ACSA's endorsement underscores the alignment of Martinez's vision for the future of public education with those at the frontline of our school systems.

“Efren Martinez is passionate and will fight for a public education system that our students deserve. The Association of California School Administrators stands firmly with Efren because he will champion fully funded schools, support educators and campus staff, and will stand by our children.”
-ACSA - Association of California School Administrators

This endorsement is a testament to Martinez's commitment to elevate public education standards and funding. With the backing of educators ranging from credentialed teachers, school principals, district superintendents, to mental health administrators, and many more, this endorsement signals a unity in the vision for the future of our schools.

For the community of South Los Angeles, this endorsement presents an opportunity. It marks a pivotal moment when educators and leaders are rallying behind a candidate who will be their voice, ensuring that the interests of students and educators are always placed at the forefront of legislative decisions.

Efren Martinez is not just a candidate; he represents hope for a brighter, more inclusive, and student-focused future for public education in South Los Angeles. With ACSA's support, Martinez is poised to champion the transformative changes our schools need.

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The following are publicly announced endorsements to date:

State Elected Officials

  • Assemblymember Mike Gipson
  • Assemblywoman Autumn Burke (ret.)
  • Assemblywoman Esmeralda Soria
  • Assemblywoman Blanca Pacheco
  • Assemblymember Juan Carrillo
  • Assemblywoman Blanca Rubio
  • Senator Melissa Hurtado
  • Senator Susan Rubio

Local Elected Officials

  • Janice Hahn, Chair, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors
  • David Vela, President, Los Angeles Community College District
  • Kelly Gonez, Board Member, LAUSD
  • Over 30 local Electeds

Unions, Clubs, Organizations & Others

  • ILWU, Local 13 – International Longshore Warehouse Union
  • SEIU 721, BU 702 - Association of Probation Supervisors
  • South Central Los Angeles Democratic Party Club
  • Women Leading Change Democratic Party Club

The 57th Assembly District communities include: Florence-Firestone, the heart of South Los Angeles, most of Downtown Los Angeles and parts of Huntington Park.

Voter Stats: Total Registered voters 212,826; Democrats 136,199 – Republican 13,712 –
No Party Pref. 47,891 – Other Parties 15,023;
African American 57,169 - Latino 113,445 – White 33,757 - Other 8,455

Source: Efren Martinez for California State Assembly