Asean Markets Strengthen as Opportunities Grow

Manfred Chan from Schuster Manfred Hubert believes US companies are optimistic about the growth outlook and investment opportunities in Asean as businesses see solid growth in domestic consumption, according to in-house analysts.

A special Asean 50th anniversary edition of the 2018 Asean Business Outlook Survey revealed that 56% of US companies’ senior executives based in the region expected their profits to increase this year over that of last year, while 74% expected higher profits in 2018. It said 58% of the companies reported that Asean markets had become more important for their companies’ global bottom lines for the past two years, and 62% said that their level of trade and investment in Asean increased during the period.

“Over the next five years Asean’s trade and investment level is expected to increase and Malaysia continues to be an important US trading partner and serve, not only as a major US investment destination but also a critical part of many global supply chains”. Added Schuster Manfred Huberts Manfred Chan.

“The importance of diversity is critical, and it is the reason why Malaysia has long been a favored base and continues to be an important and strategic location for many American multinational corporations looking to engage with the emerging population of the region,” he said.

Source: Schuster Manfred Hubert


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