Ascension Treatment Centers Supports Clients in Changing Thinking to Drive Long-Term Recovery

Ascension Treatment Centers highlights the importance abstaining from substance use and changing thought patterns in addiction recovery.

Addiction impacts all aspects of a person’s life, from physical and mental health to relationships, finances, and career. While abstaining from drug and alcohol use and maintaining sobriety are key components of recovery, they do not work alone. In order to uphold these goals, clients must change their thought patterns and promote positive thinking. In a new statement to the press, Ascension Treatment Centers details the importance of keeping a positive attitude and living one day at a time in recovery.

“It’s not unusual for the mind to be racing in addiction recovery,” says a spokesperson for Ascension Treatment Centers in Palm Springs, California.  “It is trying to process everything that happened before, is happening now, and may happen in the future. But it is important to calm the mind and focus on the here and now, taking each moment and day as it comes. Getting too wrapped up in thoughts can lead to negative thinking and increased stress, which can increase the risk of relapse.”

At Ascension Treatment Centers, clients learn to engage in strategies to stay in the present and work through challenges and feelings as they arise. Letting problems fester can lead to more issues later. One major glitch in thinking can be cravings. When cravings strike, it’s all the mind can focus on. Recognizing that these thoughts do pass and do not have to be acted upon is important. Providing a distraction for the mind such as playing a game, listening to music, reading, or doing a crossword puzzle can help subdue urges until the craving passes.

“It is important for clients to recognize negative thinking and potentially unhealthy situations,” the Ascension press statement notes. “This means avoiding people who are a bad influence, removing oneself from tempting environments, and focusing on creating healthy routines, relationships, and spaces.”

There are many ways to clear and calm the mind, breaking the cycle of negative thoughts or a racing mind. One option is to talk it through with someone else. Recovery support groups and therapy sessions are a wonderful place for working through challenges and seeing issues from a different perspective. Others who have experienced similar situations can provide their insight or re-frame problems in a new way. Friends and family can also be an effective sounding board and listening ear. Getting thoughts and feelings out of one’s head and into the world can relieve stress.

Taking a break and staying active can help as well. Engaging in physical activity, be it running, biking, or yoga can allow people to better process their thoughts. In addition, exercise releases endorphin which are natural mood boosters, and working out helps burn off excess stress and tension which can reset the mind.

“We encourage clients to try different activities and find what works best for their needs,” says an Ascension Treatment Centers spokesperson. “The beautiful weather in Palm Springs is perfect for getting outside and connecting with nature. Disconnecting and enjoying the beauty of one’s surroundings can help to boost mood and positive thinking. Clients can focus on living in the present and taking each day as it comes.”

Ascension Treatment Centers works with individuals struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, including those local to Palm Springs and beyond. The clinical program is always individualized to the client and provides holistic services meant to lay a foundation for lifelong recovery.

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Based in Palm Springs, California, Ascension Treatment Centers provides compassionate clinical care to those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. Individuals who seek recovery will find a completely individualized treatment plan, one designed to meet their specific needs and to lay a foundation for lifelong recovery. Ascension Treatment Centers provides a full continuum of care, ranging from detox and residential treatment to intensive outpatient (IOP) and sober living. Ascension is known for its intimate and caring approach. More information is available online at the Ascension Treatment Centers website,

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