Ascension Treatment Centers Opens New Outpatient Recovery Facility in Palm Springs

Ascension Treatment Centers provides a full spectrum of addiction recovery services in Palm Springs.

Addiction recovery is a journey and one that lasts a lifetime. Different stages of the journey call for different levels of clinical care, which is why Ascension Treatment Centers provides a full spectrum of services. In a new statement to the press, Ascension Treatment Centers announces the opening of its latest recovery community, an intensive outpatient (IOP) facility located in Palm Springs, California. The intensive outpatient center has been open since June 1.

“Typically, the addiction recovery process begins with detox, and then the individual transitions into a residential treatment facility,” says Ascension Treatment Centers in its new press statement. “The goal, of course, is for the individual to then transition back into ‘regular’ life, including normal work and school activities. As the individual returns home, however, he or she may require some ongoing clinical oversight. That’s what the intensive outpatient program provides.”

Intensive outpatient services are geared toward those who have returned home following a season in residential care. These individuals may be back to work and to school, but the intensive outpatient program requires them to spend a few hours each day, a few days each week, working on their recovery in a structured, clinical setting.

“The new outpatient care center in Palm Springs provides one-on-one therapy, support groups, drug screenings, and a range of other therapeutic activities,” the Ascension Treatment Centers press statement notes.

The new center is just one part of the broad spectrum of care that Ascension Treatment Centers offers — including detoxification, residential treatment, day treatment, and more. “No matter where you are in your recovery journey, we want to make sure we have a program to meet your needs and to deliver clinical care that’s tailored to you,” says the press statement.

Ascension Treatment Centers works with individuals struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, including those local to Palm Springs and beyond. The clinical program is always individualized to the client and provides holistic services meant to lay a foundation for lifelong recovery.

Those interested in learning more about the intensive outpatient center can visit Ascension Treatment Centers on the Web at


Based in Palm Springs, California, Ascension Treatment Centers provides compassionate clinical care to those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. Individuals who seek recovery will find a completely individualized treatment plan, one designed to meet their specific needs and to lay a foundation for lifelong recovery. Ascension Treatment Centers provides a full continuum of care, ranging from detox and residential treatment to intensive outpatient (IOP) and sober living. Ascension is known for its intimate and caring approach. More information is available online at the Ascension Treatment Centers website,

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Ascension Treatment Centers provides a full spectrum of addiction recovery services—including a new intensive outpatient center in Palm Springs.

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