As Electric Skateboarding Grows in Popularity, Experts Explain What It Is and How It Works

A relatively new sport that has been gaining traction around the world, electric skateboarding provides riders with the adrenaline hit they are seeking. And the best part? Experts say it's easy to pick it up!

Twelve Board Store

According to skateboards and longboards retailer Twelve Board Store, electric skateboards open up a whole new world of possibilities, giving riders the ability to ride off-road and uphill without breaking a sweat. Here, the leading Melbourne retailer explains the appeal of the new sport and how beginners can get involved. 

Twelve Board Store says it's easier to learn to ride an electric skateboard than a conventional skateboard, with a remote control putting all the power in the hands of the rider. The remote control can be used to set a speed limit, accelerate uphill and brake smoothly when riding downhill. 

As there is no need to kick push, Twelve Board Store says it's much easier to find balance on an electric skateboard. Balance is still essential though and the experts recommend riders stand with their weight over the back of the board and then transfer their weight forward when braking. It's easier to ride with legs slightly bent with the back foot parallel to the motors and the front foot on a diagonal angle to the deck, as this will provide stability, explains Twelve Board Store.

For skateboard enthusiasts, Twelve Board Store says electric skateboarding presents a new and exciting challenge that will take them faster and further than ever before. Electric skateboarding is also great for surfers and snowboarders to practice in a different environment.

For those who are relatively new to skateboarding, electric skateboarding is the perfect introduction, says Twelve Board Store. As riders advance their skills, they will be able to increase speed and attempt more advanced manoeuvres such as carving. 

With an extensive range of electric skateboards available, Twelve Board Store can help customers choose the most suitable equipment. From skateboard decks to longboards, skateboard enthusiasts will find everything they need online or in store at Twelve Board Store. 

Source: Twelve Board Store