As Divorce Rates Spike During Pandemic, E Woman Provides Online Women Divorce Support Group

New app offers a "judgment-free zone" for women to connect and share as they go through similar life experiences.

As divorce rates continue to spike during the COVID-19 pandemic, E Woman, a social networking platform for women, provides a place of support for women going through the dissolution of a marriage.

Legal document providers LegalTemplates and FormsPal examined data from online users of divorce settlement templates on their websites. LegalTemplates saw divorce document use rise 34 percent from 2019 to 2020, and FormsPal reported a 21 percent increase from 2020 to 2021. "The trend that started over a year ago is still on the rise," the firm said in its report.

The trend demonstrates the need for E Woman, an app that gives women a safe, judgment-free zone to connect with others going through similar life experiences, such as divorce. The app also provides forums for a series of stages and issues in a woman's life, including being a single mom, working mom, finding work-life balance, and coping with a loss.

"When we go through something in our private life, it's often hard to share with those who are close to us because we're afraid to be judged or asked uncomfortable questions," said Amy Karaman, founder and CEO of E Woman. "E Woman is a safe place where women can share their stories without fear and know there is light at the end of the tunnel."

Sharee Katina, Personal Trainer, and Women's Advocate used the E Woman app following her divorce after 20 years of marriage and received helpful support from other women going through this difficult transition. The most common topics discussed in the divorce group are how hard it is to make the decision to divorce, as well as feelings, like fear, failure, and guilt.

Each group available on the app offers women the opportunity to anonymously share their struggles, offer advice, and connect with those who have similar life experiences.

E Woman is now available on and offers a translation tool for users' preferred language. Members can join categorized groups anonymously or with their usernames to share their stories and connect in a judgment-free space.

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E Woman is a growing social media platform dedicated to every woman who feels alone. Founded by Amy Shakhlo Karaman, an immigrant who escaped an arranged marriage in Uzbekistan and came to America to build her life from the ground up, this online community allows women around the world to discuss similar struggles. E Woman is now available on and offers every language. Members can join categorized groups anonymously or with their usernames to share their stories and connect in a judgment-free space. To learn more, visit

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