ARTWORK Online Gallery Brings the Art Museum to Households Everywhere

Smart Crowdfunding is slated to carry out strategic marketing initiatives for the 'ARTWORK Online Gallery' project on Indiegogo. The creators of this campaign are crowdfunding to bring an awe-inspiring art museum experience to the online world.

A team of art devotees from Siberia has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to introduce their inspired “ARTWORK Online Gallery” to the public. This campaign has a funding goal of $37,000 which is being raised to bring a free website to artists everywhere, and provide a platform whereby they can showcase their talent. ARTWORK Online Gallery will basically be an online museum where artists of all mediums and genres can bring their creations to the world. This website is the brainchild of Ilya Dyanchenko, who was inspired after a trip to Saint Petersburg where he visited the many art museums and galleries in the city. He states, “It is strange how much one trip can change you. I have long lived in Siberia, and probably never would have thought about creating an online gallery, if not for a nice trip to St. Petersburg. The beautiful works in the museums and galleries moved me very deeply and started a love for art and all that it involves.”  

The ARTWORK Online Gallery will be open to artists of all levels, whether they are a novice trying to bring their work to the world for the first time or a professional with a well-known name. As Dyanchenko states, “Art has no nationality or language, it is one for all, and a world heritage of humanity which should be available to everyone.” Art truly does bridge the gap between cultures, and has no language barrier. Now with the ARTWORK Online Gallery it can be an even bigger bridge and reach people that might otherwise never get an opportunity to experience the masterpieces of artists worldwide. Artists everywhere are invited to join this website and share their gifts to the world.

"Art is the thing that has no nationality and language, it is one for all, it is a world heritage of humanity, which should be available to everyone. "

ARTWORK Online Gallery, Team

The ARTWORK Online Gallery team has been very hard at work with all of the essential groundwork for their website and they are now ready to bring it to the public, which is why they launched their crowdfunding campaign. All funding raised with this campaign will be used for: website development, the purchase of the .com domain, website language translations, and server fees. As an added bonus the team is offering several perks. These perks, which serve as funding incentives, range in value from “An Artist Scholar” which enables a supporter to follow the campaign and receive all of the updates to various artist and access levels, and ARTWORK Online Gallery merchandise items. Full details can be found on their Indiegogo campaign page.

About ARTWORK Online Gallery:

ARTWORK Online Gallery is the creation of Siberia based Ilya Dyachenko and his inspired team. It is a non-profit project created to bring the various works of contemporary painters, sculptors and craftsmen to the public. The online platform provides an opportunity for art lovers to plunge into the world of contemporary art, even if they cannot visit a museum or an exhibit in person. This website brings the museum to the people.

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