Artist Tyler Barnett to Sell a One-Million Dollar Yellow Enso in Support of Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Tyler Barnett Exhibits his Post-Meditative Enso Paintings at bG Gallery in Santa Monica, California in Hopes of Inspiring a Small Miracle

Artist Tyler Barnett’s post-meditative Enso paintings will be on display at the bG Gallery in Santa Monica, California from July 12 through July 16. To commemorate the artist’s first Los Angeles solo exhibit, Barnett will be selling his original Enso painting “Yellow Circle” for $1 million, donating the entirety of the proceeds to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

“We all live together in the present moment,” says Barnett. “Each and every breath we take is a miracle. This short, fragile life passes us by so quickly. I just want everyone to take a moment to stop and be. Just exist. Smile. Breathe. Be here. There are children who are fighting for their very right to exist, right now and every day in our own city. They need a miracle. We can make one happen, together, right now.”

Barnett, who is founder and president of Tyler Barnett PR & Marketing, a well-established Los Angeles public relations agency specializing in the millennial market, began painting his own unique interpretation of the Enso in his home garage as a means of balancing his fast-paced professional life with a slower and more zen-like creative outlet.

“Tyler has taken the spiritual shape of the Enso and used it as a starting point to open an expansive body of work with dynamic variations surrounding the circular flow of the form,” says Om Bleicher, founder of bG Art Dealings, whose Santa Monica gallery will be the home of Barnett’s upcoming show. “His work blends elements of Japanese action painting, psychedelic art and spiritual practice, the circular form often created in a singular breath after hours of meditation. The singular focus on form has opened the door for fearless enthusiastic play in the artist’s work and an endless experimentation of color material and paint. True to the spiritual origins of the form, Barnett has opened a space somewhere bordering between lunacy and insuppressible creativity.” 

Barnett began documenting his paintings on social media under the account — a visual representation of a present mind — and individuals from California to Tokyo quickly took notice.

“We are all moving, constantly, in one way or another. And while it might feel a bit linear, we are actually moving in circles,” explains Barnett. “We all feel this deeply, intrinsically. We know it. When people look at my work it reminds them who they really are, what they are here to do and to just…slow down. That’s all there really is. Patience, understanding, the present…love.”

Barnett’s Enso paintings, which use acrylic paint and other mediums in dynamic color variations, offer spectators an honest glimpse into the meditative mind—sometimes clear and focused; other times, wild and otherworldly.

Depending on the moment, the artworks range from vastly bold and almost psychedelic to ultra-minimal, such as the “Yellow Circle” being auctioned in support of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. However, one aspect remains the same: each painting Barnett creates carries its own literal peace of mind, completely unaffected and entirely uncensored.

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Source: Tyler Barnett


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