Artist Translates Words Into Loving Messages to the World

Kika Espejo will present Palabras de Aliento a new performance art piece at Rabbithole Projects on Friday, May 27 at 7:30 pm. The Bushwick-based artist originally from Spain will invite the audience to send encouraging and supporting messages to any part of the world. 

Aliento' means breathe in Spanish, but also encouragement, and inspiration. The expression ‘Palabras de Aliento’ is used when difficult times come and people offer and support others by encouraging and loving words.

In this one-night performance, Espejo will act as a translator of these messages of love. She will invite the audience to express their encouraging words to the world by transmitting their messages directly into her mouth. She will take these words and translates them into breath to then store them in airtight containers that will be shipped to people and places in need of these Words of Breath all around the world. The sender will be able to track their messages through an online platform where documentation of the message release ritual will be posted.

According to the artist, “this project emerged from the idea of spreading love in moments of need, especially when people go through moments of pain, sadness or grief.” Espejo believes that words are important, but what matters the most is the intention behind these words. “With this performance I want to translate what is behind words, the willingness to help, to connect; not only the people that we know and love but also to care for those who we have not even met. I want to turn words into loving energy that can be spread throughout the whole world.” This project will involve the participation of artists worldwide that will assist in the delivery and documentation of the messages and their release.

Kika Espejo is a multidisciplinary artist whose work explores the role that psychological constructions, belief and desires play in our construction of reality. Her work focuses on issues of control and how signification processes change our perception. She holds a Masters Degree in Photography, Video and Related Media from the School of Visual Arts and has shown her work widely in United States and Europe. In 2013, she founded The Espejo Organization for the Arts, an arts organization based in Brooklyn that gives support to international emerging and mid-career artists and creative professionals.

Espejo goes on to say, “Even though I graduated with a degree in photography, I found performance to be a more effective and enjoyable medium for my art. I have always been interested in rituals and the idea that the intention behind our actions and the energy of our thoughts and feeling can change and transform our reality.”

Espejo’s performance is part of EOarts Performance Art Series 2016, a four-night event that surveys international interdisciplinary practices based on performance, process, and action art. The program’s goal is to share the power that performative art practices offer for personal and social change.


Rabbithole Projects is a contemporary art space located on the waterfront of the Dumbo arts district in Brooklyn. Since 2006, the gallery has exhibited works by emerging and mid-career artists, presenting over 60 group and solo shows as a participant gallery in Dumbo's First Thursday series of art walks. The space operates as a project room, providing artists a forum for showing new works and works-in-progress. Rabbithole Projects also hosts a series of special events, from movie screenings, readings, yoga classes, and the Brooklyn Creative program of artist workshops.

Source: The Espejo Organization for the Arts

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