Artist Tanya Davis Announces Worldwide Release of Devilduckies, Blind-box Series 1

This series of figurines is available in four colors: Blue, Plum, Topaz and Green. There is one Black duck for every nine made. These duckies are being sold via blind box format only. Which one will you get?

Multi-medium visual artist, Tanya Davis specializes in figurines. Her body of work includes fully-sculpted polymer clay pieces and vinyl platform art toys. Since mid-April 2015, Davis has been working on learning how to create a mold to cast resin pieces based on a fully-sculpted piece.  This is now culminating in the launch of her first series of casted resin figurines, which she has chosen to start out with the perennial favorite: steampunk devil ducks. Each cast duck is painted by hand and signed by the artist. The pieces are finished with a clear-coat that protects and enhances the figurine's detail. This will be a limited run. 

In the popular fashion of many Kidrobot or Funkopop figurine series, Tanya Davis' resin devil duckies will be offered in blind boxes. This means that the buyer will not know which duck figurine they will get until they buy it and open the box. This lends an exciting element of surprise. In this particular series there are four colors: Blue,  Plum, Topaz and Green. Additionally, one Black duck will be made for every eight made in the aforementioned colors. "Get your ducks in a row!"  Here is a direct link for these figurines while they last -

Tanya Davis Art is busy creating phantasmagorical Steampunk artwork and sculpture.


Tanya Davis debuted on the art scene with her 2013 showcase at DISCOVERY presented by RAWartists. Always exploring new art ideas, Davis creates both 2D and 3D works with her signature style. Sometimes collectors will request paintings or high-quality marker drawings based on figurine characters she has created, and vice versa. Davis welcomes commission work. For more information about Tanya Davis and her artwork you can visit her website: or email her at