Artist and Veterinarian Mariam Kamal Generates Buzz With New Line of Animal Art

NYC artist and veterinarian Mariam Kamal, founder of the charitable and eco-friendly art company Grinvites, is sure to delight animal lovers everywhere with her first line of humorous, tongue-in-cheek animal portraits

"The Ruler." Bengal Tiger portrait by Mariam Kamal.

Artist and veterinarian Mariam Kamal of Grinvites is releasing the brand-new Free to be Me Collection, a group of unique printable art and cards. The collection will be released on June 7, 2017.

Grinvites is known for helping “bold and colorful” animal lovers, creating animals as unique as they are, so that they can enjoy home décor reflecting their individual tastes and personalities. The art is also eco-friendly and a percentage of each sale is donated to charity.

"This collection is dedicated to animal lovers everywhere. May you be loved, happy and free."

Mariam Kamal, Artist and Founder, Grinvites

For the first time, Mariam has created an entire line featuring her carefully crafted drawings of pets and wildlife. Each animal in this exclusive collection was drawn in large scale on recycled paper using non-toxic inks. Mariam then digitized each drawing to create high-resolution printable images. Her customers will be able to purchase and download the art for printing. The Free to be Me Collection will be sold exclusively at

“Animal lovers get a big kick out of animals dressed as humans,” says Mariam, who is also a veterinarian. “And each one of my pieces is both fun and symbolic. Based on these animals’ traits in the wild, I imagined what human traits they would have. What books would they read? What clothes would they wear? How would they pass their time? And so on. And after I created each animal’s persona, the drawings just kind of … flowed out of me.”

The art is designed to showcase and evoke a feeling of individuality. “It’s meant to encourage people to be true to themselves,” Mariam says. “Being true to yourself will make you stand out; it’s a beautiful thing. And I think this collection truly shows that. People look at my art and feel free, inspired and happy.”

It's easy to see what she means. From an academic chimpanzee reading a newspaper to a tiger dressed in traditional South Asian jewelry to a spunky zebra sporting a mohawk, Mariam’s creations are stunning and suitable for any décor. Both adults and children will delight in the details of each drawing, such as the chimpanzee’s “Keep Calm and Eat a Banana” mug and the observant toucan’s “Guide to Humans.”

Grinvites customers will also enjoy the ultimate convenience, explains Mariam. “I know so many pet owners whose busy lives make it difficult to shop for themselves or for others. As an artist, I’m so excited to bring my customers unique, one-of-a-kind pieces with the convenience of being downloadable. They’re all printable from the comfort of your own home!”

With names like “The Icon,” “The Academic” and “The Rebel,” Mariam’s portraits will bring distinctive style and attitude to any home. The Free to be Me Collection ranges in price from $3.99 to $18.95.

Mariam is excited to welcome admirers of her art to the new product line they’ve been requesting.

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Mariam Kamal is an artist and veterinarian. She has been drawing fun and quirky animals for family and friends for years, and decided to start Grinvites to bring her lively and vibrant drawings to the public. The company is eco-friendly, and a percentage of proceeds from each sale goes to charity. The Free to be Me Collection will be at



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