Artificial Paintings Releases a New Limited NFT-Collection of 3D Characters, 'Artificial Punks'

Artificial Paintings provides NFT collectors with something special to feast on: their new creative collection was indeed worth waiting for. Collectors now have the unique chance to become a lucky owner of the incredible NFT characters.

ArtificialPunks #1

Artificial Paintings is a relatively young company that specializes in production of stunning artworks designed by AI. Interfacing art and modern technology has made the company a prominent figure in the community of people passionate about art, futurism and products of technological progress.

Artificial Paintings keeps developing in the diverse world of generative art, making it brighter and more engaging for all involved in the community. They have come up with creating the new limited NFT-collection of 3D characters called "Artificial Punks." And this name is a perfect fit for it: they are far-out, eye-catching, and vibrant.

Each character is created in a unique style, shown off through its clothes and accessories. What's more, its skin will have an exceptional feature: it'll be made from a painting generated by AI. Each character is made from a different AI painting, meaning each of them will be one of a kind. The Artificial Paintings team loves coming up with challenging ideas; this will be the first time their artworks are used in textures of 3D objects.

The first owners of these characters will also be gifted an unmatchable yoga mat (26.7" x 72") with a textured pattern of the chosen character. A grippy, slip-resistant underside made of natural rubber provides stable support for you during pose changes. And the soft top layer of fabric gives you an extra-cozy feeling during exercising.

10% of the NFT sales will go to charity to help tackle climate change, restore habitats and oceans, and protect endangered wildlife.

That's not all the news: Artificial Paintings will also launch its private collectors' club with many benefits and bonuses for members and spawn a new versatile NFT-universe - an unmatched NFT-game for their buyers with Artificial Punks as a part of it.

Follow the company on their social media to keep an eye on the execution of their plans and to find out what this game will be all about: Twitter (@ArtificialNFT) and Instagram (@Artificial_Paintings). And do not miss the perks that are on their way.

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