Artificial Paintings Starts to Issue Authentication Certificates for NFT Artworks

Artificial Paintings introduces a new project called NFTArtSert. From now on, every new customer can obtain a physical authentication certificate for every NFT painting they purchase.

Artificial Paintings & NFTArtSert

Artificial Paintings is an art gallery with a passion for technology and innovation, which sells mesmerizing AI-generated works of art, available both in a physical and an NFT format. The company was founded in 2020 and quickly rose to prominence thanks to the top-notch quality of the produced paintings and a fresh approach, novel to the traditional art industry. The company's immaculate reputation attracts more and more customers, inspiring the Artificial Paintings team to run ground-breaking experiments and publish exciting updates.

Since December 2021, Artificial Paintings delights new customers by issuing authentication certificates within the framework of the NFTArtSert project. Originally, Artificial Paintings planned to issue certificates just for its own business. Then, the team realized that the NFT market doesn't offer enough tools to simplify the process of issuing authentication certificates for reliable artists and NFT companies working in the art sphere. Now every buyer of a physical NFT copy can opt for shipping a physical authentication certificate to every corner of the world. 

By launching this project, the Artificial Paintings team significantly contributes to the rapidly developing NFT industry and acts as an independent expert on certificate verification. Currently, the service works in a pre-launch mode, but prospective customers can already leave their email addresses on the site to get into the waiting list and become the first users of the service. The project developers also plan to transfer the register of issued certificates to the blockchain.

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