Artellia Announces Launch of Monno - The First 35W Wireless Charger That Charges 5 Devices Simultaneously

Artellia, an innovator in smart product design for mobile device charging, announces the launch of Monno - The First 35W Wireless Charger capable of charging up to 5 devices simultaneously. With Monno, users can clean up their desktops, cut out the cables and get all their devices charged up at the same time. Available now on Kickstarter:

Wireless charging has been adopted by virtually all the top device makers over the last few years for its ease of use and convenience. It helps eliminate cables and adapters especially when on the go. It’s a welcome evolution in device charging, especially for people who use devices across different ecosystems. Monno, the latest product from Artellia, takes wireless charging to the next level. It’s the fastest 35W wireless charger with 7 coils technology that can charge up to 5 devices simultaneously.

This sleek, modern designed charger fits any home or desk space and its larger, fabric-covered surface holds and protects multiple wireless charging devices while it simultaneously charges them. This means that devices won’t wait in queue while others are charging. This powerful 35W charger is 3.5 times faster than other wireless chargers on the market. As an example, it takes only takes 50 minutes to charge 3 wireless-enabled devices from fully depleted up to 50% power. It’s a great evolution in wireless charging and lets users power up devices fast.

“Today, most of us carry more than one mobile device to satisfy the needs of work, entertainment and fun. Having a reliable charging solution is essential. Wireless charging is so popular because it eliminates messy cables and streamlines the charging process but, until now, it was limited to charging just one or two devices. Our goal with Monno was to create an all-in-one charger that could simultaneously charge multiple wireless charging compatible devices as well as USB–A devices. Monno is the ultimate multi-device charger for fast, safe, charging for all your devices at the same time. It simplifies the process and makes charging as easy as setting your phone down,” said Artellia CEO Tony Chui.

Monno also features two USB-A ports to charge non-wireless compatible devices at the same time as the devices on the charging pad. It becomes a central hub for all charging needs and eliminates messy cables and the need to carry multiple chargers and adapters. The device is fast, quiet and safe with two built-in fans to prevent overheating and protect devices while charging and is compatible with any device regardless of brand or ecosystem.

Monno, the exciting new release from Artellia, is currently being introduced on Kickstarter with special pricing to reward early supporters. Learn more here:

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