Artec Lantec Appoints Lighting Expert Mr. Uri Tadmor as VP Sales

Artec Lantec announces the appointment of veteran lighting expert, Mr. Uri Tadmor, as Vice President Sales of Artec Lantec.

Uri Tadmor

Artec Lantec is pleased to announce the appointment of veteran lighting, LED and display expert Mr. Uri Tadmor, as Vice President Sales of Artec Lantec.

Mr. Tadmor brings to Artec Lantec over four decades of lighting industry sales management experience with several industry-leading manufacturers to this position. His background includes a vast knowledge of how to leverage a global business operation to continually surpass sales projections. Uri brings a wealth of in-depth technological expertise that is required for overseeing sales in the highly-dynamic LED, lighting and display sector. He will report directly to Artec Lantec's CEO, Mr. Yoram Sror.

Over the years and especially at times of exponential growth in Israel's high-tech sector, teams led by Mr. Tadmor have generated record sales of LED lighting solutions. He also has a strong track record in developing new market regions on behalf of leading international lighting manufacturers.

Artec Lantec CEO Yoram Sror commented, "At a time when people of a certain age are being put out to pasture, we recognized that Uri's extensive lighting knowledge would be a tremendous asset for the leading manufacturers we represent. The people we work with, all the way from the CEO level, to sales team leaders and engineers, are always very pleased to discover a sales professional with so much genuine experience and technology expertise in numerous areas. It makes the entire design cycle and sales process so much more pleasant and efficient."

According to Uri Tadmor, "We have here in Israel a market with tremendous potential for many types of LED and lighting manufacturers, everything from the mid-range high power LED's as well as special lighting. Anyone that is interested in the Israeli market should reach out and we will be happy to help them navigate any high-potential sector such as medical, defense or the emerging autonomous car sector."

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Artec Lantec is an exclusive representative and stocking distributor of components and systems for Israel’s highly successful electronics industry, which continues to provide the world with the most advanced technological solutions across all major business sectors. For more information, visit or call (845)362-6204.

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