Arradiance Issued Two International Patents

Patents cover nanofilm technology for noiseless low-signal amplification, critical to emerging scientific and commercial applications

Arradiance today announced the issuance of two international patents. The company’s first Japanese patent entitled “Microchannel Plate Devices with Multiple Emissive Layers” and the first European patent entitled “Image Intensifying Device” both acknowledge the novelty of one of the company’s core technologies.

Among the breakthrough claims of the patents is the application of an engineered thin film dynode layer applied to microchannel plates which enhance their performance in many key areas including higher gain, lower dark noise and longer lifetime. Longer lifetime is critically important for MCP-PMTs used in high energy physics programs and could provide benefits to night vision solutions as well.

“This patent further solidifies the intellectual property of Arradiance that immediately enables new detection approaches in high energy physics,” stated Arradiance CEO Michael Trotter. “It is a key component of a patent portfolio that protects the considerable investment the company has made to bring the benefits of nanotechnology to a broad array of detectors with critical scientific, medical and national security applications.”

Several additional pending patents worldwide seek to further strengthen the company’s position in this vital technology. Arradiance has demonstrated by using its nanofilm process, microchannel plates/amplifiers can be produced of any form factor and from substrates of glass, silicon, ceramic and plastic.

In addition to having designed and developed the atomic layer deposition (ALD) process equipment for these functional nanofilms, Arradiance also holds patents that apply to substrate formation and composition. This suite of intellectual property allows for full commercialization of the enabling nanofilm technology and has been licensed by the leading detection component producers.

About Arradiance

Founded in 2003, Arradiance is a privately held Massachusetts manufacturing and technology firm committed to novel nanofilm coating solutions. Arradiance entered the ALD equipment market in 2010 supplying R&D systems to support emerging technologies to include energy, catalysis and high energy physics markets. Arradiance has grown rapidly in the ALD foundry space, providing quick-turn nanofilms, joint development programs and pilot manufacturing support to a growing customer base.

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