Arradiance and MicroLabs Scientific Partner to Enable Rapid Nanotechnology Development and Characterization

Coupling Arradiance's formidable Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) foundry service with the world class analytical and engineering resources of MicroLabs Scientific to provide researchers access to nanofilm development, characterization and deep expertise.


Arradiance LLC, manufacturer of the popular GEMStar family of professional, research grade Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) systems and provider of nanofilm foundry services, today announced a partnership with MicroLabs Scientific (Andover, MA) to provide nanotechnology researchers with a resource for complete nanofilm development and characterization services. As explained by Arradiance CEO Michael Trotter, “The pace of technology continues to increase and our customers seek a versatile technology development environment, one that will enable functional as well as analytical characterization within the same research cycle. The combined technical expertise in ALD and analytical characterization/failure analysis brings significant resources to address difficult technical challenges while reducing development cycles-of-learning and speeding time-to-market.”

MicroLabs Scientific has extensive analytic methods and equipment capability, with broad experience in nanotechnology product development and failure analysis. “We are very excited to work with Arradiance to provide a complete development environment to customers,” Microlabs Scientific President Aleks Franz said about the partnership.

Arradiance entered the ALD equipment market in 2010 and has become one of the pre-eminent companies for R&D systems with a significant presence in the emerging Battery, Catalysis and High Energy Physics markets. Arradiance has also grown rapidly in the ALD foundry space, providing quick turn nanofilms, joint development programs and pilot manufacturing support to a growing customer base.

MicroLabs Scientific provides state-of-the-art analytical and consulting services in the: semiconductor, MEMS, BioMEMS, microfluidics, electronics, and related industries. The firm offers Failure Analysis, SEM, EDS, FIB, Optical Profilometry, Thermal Imaging, Film Thickness Measurements, and Optical Microscopy services.

Arradiance is enabling us to better perceive the hidden world all around us. Their functional thin film equipment and devices greatly enhance the performance of imaging and detection systems, providing resolution, gain and lifetime improvements that were previously unattainable. Their enabling processes and products will open the door to a new world of flexible, robust, electro-optic systems that will change the way we see our world. Arradiance, a privately-held Massachusetts based production and technology company, is committed to bringing novel solutions to difficult problems.

MicroLabs Scientific is dedicated to engineering on the micro scale. They offer several decades of combined semiconductor, MEMS and Microfluidics design, process integration and improvement, testing, failure analysis, and yield enhancement experience. Their laboratories are fully equipped to rapidly and cost-effectively handle micro-device FA, characterization, and testing needs.


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MicroLabs Scientific
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Source: Arradiance LLC


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