ARR, Premiere Egg Donor Agency, Unveils Exciting New Payment Option

Since 1992, Alternative Reproductive Resources (ARR) has been a leader in the third-party reproductive field.  It was the first Egg Donor Agency in the Midwest and one of the first in the country. ARR continually strives to better serve its community - intended parents, egg donors, and surrogates alike.

As ARR celebrates its 25th anniversary, they are proud to present a new payment option for intended parents. Intended parents are sometimes hesitant to commit to a donor, as it would require a financial commitment to an agency prior to the donor being medically cleared by their reproductive endocrinologist. To address this concern, ARR now offers a second payment option. 

If Intended Parents are hesitant to make a commitment, ARR only asks for a small nonrefundable portion of the agency fee in order for the donor to undergo her first appointment at your fertility center. Should the donor not be medically cleared to proceed, the intended parents will be free to work with ARR again or choose a different path to build their family.

ARR’s goal is to continually offer expanded services to enhance intended parents’ experience. You are welcome to contact ARR to learn more about the programs offered. 

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About Alternative Reproductive Resources: 

Alternative Reproductive Resources helps make parenthood possible through its comprehensive egg donation and gestational surrogacy programs. Since 1992, our agency has been creating a community, including trusted medical professionals, attorneys, intended parents, and the egg donors and gestational surrogates whose assistance make it all possible.  

As one of the first egg donation and surrogacy agencies, ARR is working relentlessly to set and live by the high standards you should expect - in terms of ethics, principles, and performance. ARR’s dedication to upholding these standards is reflected in their code of ethics.

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Robin von Halle
ARR Founder & CEO
T: 773-327-7315

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