ARR (Alternative Reproductive Resources) Celebrates Their 25th Anniversary

ARR is proud to celebrate 25 years of helping families grow through Egg Donation & Gestational Surrogacy

ARR (Alternative Reproductive Resources) is thrilled to announce that 2017 marks their 25th Anniversary!  Since 1992, Robin von Halle and Mary Ellen McLaughlin have been pioneers in the field of Third Party Reproduction.  ARR was the first Egg Donor agency in the Midwest and one of the first in the country.  They were also among the first to start a comprehensive Gestational Surrogacy program in the U.S.

ARR’s years of extensive experience have been incorporated into the egg donor and gestational surrogacy programs to provide the utmost quality of care and guidance for intended parents, egg donors, and gestational surrogates.

ARR is proud to have helped bring over 2,000 (and counting) babies into this world through their egg donation program and over 350 (and counting) babies through their Gestational Surrogacy Program. 

Their stellar reputation has earned the trust of ARR clients, doctors, psychologists and lawyers who work within this unique field.  ARR's attorney, Nidhi Desai, was instrumental in creating the legislation for the Illinois State Gestational Surrogacy Statute and recently helped to modernize the Illinois Parentage Act to recognize children born of assisted reproductive technology.

ARR’s Founder and CEO, Robin von Halle says, "Our hearts and souls are with our clients every step of the way through their Egg Donor and Gestational Surrogacy journeys. As a result of ARR's 25 years of experience, we understand and anticipate the ever evolving needs and concerns of this field. It is important to have an agency by your side that has the knowledge and experience to guide you through your journey in expanding your family.”

As ARR celebrates its 25th year, we are honored and proud to have helped build families all around the globe and look forward to helping many more families to come.  

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ARR’s Founder & CEO 
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