Are Press Releases Driving Business Growth for CEOs?

No they aren't.

Historically, Press Releases are sent by companies to announce news and (hopefully) generate awareness that leads to sales. Companies who put out their PR and marketing teams point to vanity metrics like reach, impressions, and awareness. But, do impressions translate to sales?

"No," said Newswire's CRO Kyle Metcalf.

So, how can sales teams use press releases to drive true value?

"At Newswire, for ourselves and our customers, we use Press Releases as a marketing channel as part of our Media Advantage Plan (MAP). Coupled with media outreach, email marketing, and SEO optimization, we've achieved results in a surplus of sales leads of upwards of 2,700 this year which has led to massive growth for our company and the clients we work with," Metcalf said.

Good for you, Kyle Metcalf. But does that work for all companies or just yours?

"Great question," Metcalf exclaimed. "As part of Newswire's Media Advantage Plan, we've helped many clients across all industries leverage a consistent cadence of press release distribution campaigns to land media coverage in outlets like Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, CNBC, USA Today, and an average of 30 leads per month."

Since the start of the year, Newswire has used the Media Advantage Plan to drive hundreds of media mentions, thousands of marketing qualified and sales qualified leads, and more search traffic for top keywords.

"We had a client share with us recently that by using Newswire's press released distribution and MAP, they have secured over $100 million in new deals this year alone with no other paid advertising," Metcalf said. "For CEOs and sales leaders, that is the metric that demonstrates value, not impressions or reach."

To help other CEOs unlock real value and create a strategy for driving growth with press release distribution, Newswire is offering free Media and Marketing Assessments along with 10% off your next press release. 

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Newswire delivers its best-in-class technology as a service to provide high-impact press release distribution empowering the Media Advantage: greater brand awareness through earned media, increased traffic, greater search engine recognition, more leads and increased sales.

Newswire is the only one in the industry that provides the Media Advantage Plan "MAP" that provides press release campaign automation that delivers press releases, media outreach and targeted commercial marketing to provide customers the going to market advantage required to compete for the mindshare and market share needed to accelerate sales. The "MAP" provides Newswire experts that customize a media and marketing communications plan and platform that ensures timely campaign production, and in a cost-effective manner that produces more value.

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