Archery Tag® Videos Go Viral

Ready. Aim. Fire.

Since October, several  media outlets have created videos featuring Global Archery's Archery Tag® that have racked up millions of views, with the most watched video topping 26 million views!

“I am humbled to see how this sport, which engages the entire family, has grown from a simple idea into a global phenomenon,” said John Jackson, creator of Archery Tag®.

ARCHERY TAG® is the “Original Family-Friendly Combat Sport” with hundreds of Licensees covering 50 countries.  Its popularity has been rapidly growing across the internet.  Now is the time to capitalize on this sport’s popularity.  We encourage media outlets to contact us for interview opportunities.

Game On (posted 10/21/2016 is at 26,245,186 views)

PopSugar (posted 10/14/2016 is at 13,289,010 views)​

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