Archery Tag Videos Go Viral


Between October 2016 and now, videos featuring Archery Tag® have gone viral with six videos each exceeding a million views. The two most popular videos have topped the 13 and 25 million mark. Currently there are more than 600 Global Archery providers with Archery Tag, Hoverball® or both games in over 50 countries around the world. With global exposure, Archery Tag’s popularity continues to increase with young and old alike; it is THE ORIGINAL FAMILY-FRIENDLY COMBAT ARCHERY SPORT.

"We encourage writers and reporters from all kinds of media outlets to contact us. We will introduce you to the nearest Archery Tag licensee. To really understand why all the hype, you need to experience the sport for yourself. With ARCHERY TAG® VIDEOS already getting many MILLIONS of views, now is the time to capitalize on the sport’s increasing popularity. Let this momentum drive viewers to you."

Speaking of videos, with only about two weeks left of voting before a winner is named in the $5,000 Archery Tag Video Contest Competition, viewers are encouraged to review the 20 contest entries and vote often. Contest ends December 30th, 2016 at 12:00pm (EST).

Go to our website and vote in the Archery Tag® Video Contest Competition. While you’re there, you’ll find the viral video page under the Media menu -

​PopSugar (posted 10/14/2016 is at 13,260,962 views)

Game On (posted 10/21/2016 is at 25,416,133 views)​

Go to our website and click on locations. Under the map, type in the state on the SEARCH line to find cities with Archery Tag licensees. After you select a city, click on VIEW to get their details.

Contact us by email at or by phone at 260-587-4500.

Source: Global Archery

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