Archer Security Group Supports 2017 EnergySec Cybersecurity Summit in Anaheim

Archer to help raise the skills and smarts of people in the energy sector by sponsoring EnergySec conference.

Not far from Disney's giant Ferris wheel, people working in the energy sector will gather to learn how to protect their systems, the kinds of systems that keep our world moving — Ferris wheels, traffic lights, the computers that we use every day.

This is the 13th annual EnergySec summit at Disneyland in 2017. And Archer Security Group is sponsoring this effort.

We hope to accomplish what our mission is all about — working together to strengthen the security of our nation's critical infrastructure.

Twila Denham, EnergySec

"We hope to accomplish what our mission is all about — working together to strengthen the security of our nation's critical infrastructure," said Twila Denham, managing director of operations and workforce at EnergySec.

Highlights of this year's summit include special sessions for utility personnel on security leadership, security operations and compliance, as well as new speakers, an expanded expo area, and sponsored students learning about the energy sector.

"The conference has always had a unique and open atmosphere," said Patrick C. Miller, managing partner of Archer Security Group. "It has been the one place where security professionals, vendors and regulators all communicate in an honest, cooperative and constructive manner."

The summit runs from Aug. 14 to 16 at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim.

"I hope that through our panels, presentations, and sponsors that each attendee will be challenged in their thinking about security — how they approach it, what works and could be adapted, and new information to take back to their individual companies," Denham said.

"Through EnergySec sponsorship, Archer can do its part in improving the skills and knowledge of the energy sector security personnel and management," added Miller.

Source: Archer Security Group

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