Archer Energy Solutions Brings in a New Division of Energy Reliability Standards Experts

North America's leading 693 Operations & Planning compliance consulting practice joins Archer Energy Solutions LLC, parent company of Archer Security Group.

Archer Energy Solutions is expanding its team of security and compliance experts to include a new division—a FERC order 693 operations and planning compliance consulting practice.

The new experts come from Utility System Efficiencies based in California. They are the most experienced 693 team in North America and bring their deep knowledge and expertise to Archer Energy Solutions LLC, the parent company of Archer Security Group.

"The level of experience they have is just beyond measure."

Stacy Bresler, Archer Managing Partner

“The level of experience they have is just beyond measure,” said Archer Managing Partner Stacy Bresler.

Archer currently has more former Critical Infrastructure Protection auditors than any consulting firm in the world.

“We have true audit experience,” said Bresler. “They understand the entire compliance process and have insight into the process and goals and directives of the regulations.”

With the addition of the 693 team, Archer offers clients an even more comprehensive service for its customers.

"It provides new and previous customers of both companies with one provider for all NERC Reliability Standards---Planning and Operations, as well as Critical Infrastructure Protection Standards---compliance services,” said Archer Managing Partner Paul Golden.

"Archer will be in a unique position to provide experts with regional auditor experience in both sets of standards, electrical engineering qualifications, security certifications, and previous utility compliance officer experience,” he added.

 “Our USE 693 compliance expertise has been teaming with Archer’s Critical Infrastructure Protection expertise for several months,” said Dan Wood, CEO of USE. "We have come to realize that the quality of Archer’s CIP capability is unsurpassed and complements USE’s 693 expertise seamlessly."

Source: Archer Energy Solutions

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