AQRE Fx Releases Comprehensive Guide on Passing Prop Firm Trading Challenges

AQRE Fx, an emerging forex prop firm, just sent out a newsletter to traders with a cheat code to pass their challenges. CEO Ronice has made a controversial move by sharing a strategy that could see users sailing through their proprietary (prop) trading challenges in merely three trades. This has been done with the goal of producing a higher passing rate on their challenges—something that goes against the overall structure of the industry.

How to pass any Prop Challenge

Last month, AQRE Fx shared a newsletter that goes beyond regular email communication by offering a strategy focused on risk-to-reward considerations, utilizing a 10% max drawdown. The newsletter proposed a guide for achieving an 8% profit target potentially within three trades while allowing a lot of room for error. You would be hard-pressed to find an instance that another prop firm decided to come out with a guide on passing their own trading challenges, as this goes against the industry's entire business model. This newsletter was an impactful statement to AQRE's users that they are here to assist in the pursuit of funding. 

CEO Ronice's Perspective on Trader Empowerment

Ronice Harrison, the CEO of AQRE Fx, speaks of the platform's high pass rate not as a mere achievement but as an indicator of its reliable and trader-friendly nature. Harrison states, "The AQRE Fx team endeavors to equip traders with practical resources and strategies. Our proposed roadmap is not only theoretical but also a practical guide intended to help the traders excel in the challenge phases."

AQRE Fx’s Upcoming Initiatives

In the future, AQRE Fx intends to release additional newsletters containing further strategies and insights to assist traders in their journey. This initiative is a reflection of the platform’s dedication to supporting its traders through prop trading challenges. Their focus has moved towards ensuring traders have all of the education and tools necessary to be successful in the industry. This is why having a high pass rate compared to the industry average is so important to the company. 

About AQRE Fx:

AQRE Fx is a proprietary trading platform dedicated to providing traders with strategies and insights to navigate through prop trading challenges. With a user-friendly interface and a notable pass rate, AQRE Fx aims to empower traders by equipping them with practical and implementable strategies to excel in their trading endeavors.

Source: AQRE Fx