AQRE Fx Paves the Way for Crypto and Forex Traders With Unique Opportunities Amidst Industry Challenges

Offering Engaging Competitions and the Chance to Scale Accounts Up to $8 Million with an Industry-Leading 16% Drawdown, AQRE Fx Elevates the Funded Trading Experience


AQRE Fx, an innovator amidst proprietary trading firms, thrives in a landscape riddled with uncertainties by providing unique and engaging pathways for traders to prosper. By intertwining entertaining competitions and offering flexible drawdowns, plus the extraordinary opportunity to scale accounts to a whopping $8 million, AQRE Fx has redefined what it means to embark on a funded trading journey, blending financial success with excitement and fun. Their trading contests provide an interactive competitive environment where traders can compete to win prizes and interact with their discord trading community. Prizes range from cash, to evaluations, and even instant funded accounts.

In a time when the financial terrain proves complex and challenging, AQRE Fx stands out by creating a distinctive realm where financial trading is not only lucrative but also exciting and inclusive. The company's innovative approaches in hosting gripping competitions and providing liberal drawdowns have sparked interest across the industry, reshaping the typically rigid and high-pressure trading environment into an adventure that’s simultaneously rewarding and exhilarating. The scaling program not only provides the opportunity to maximize funding but it also allows traders to scale the drawdown up to an industry-leading total of 16%.

The groundbreaking feature of allowing traders the possibility to scale their accounts to an impressive $8 million underscores AQRE Fx’s commitment to opening up vast opportunities for financial growth and stability for its traders. This, especially in a climate of economic unpredictability, positions the firm as a revolutionary entity, transforming conventional financial trading through innovative and forward-thinking strategies.

Ronice Harrison, CEO at AQRE Fx, shares: “Our mission has consistently been to unravel the complexities of the trading world, crafting a platform that’s accessible, fun, and remarkably rewarding. AQRE Fx isn’t just a prop firm — it's a community where every trader is seen, appreciated, and encouraged to reach peak potential within a nurturing and vibrant environment.” Ronice even went so far as to send out a newsletter to all AQRE Fx traders with a strategy on how to pass a prop evaluation in as little as two trades. You won't see other prop firm CEOs giving out this type of knowledge to their traders.

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AQRE FX is an online trading platform allowing users access to forex, crypto, stock, and index trading. The platform is designed to make trading accessible and affordable for everyone.

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