APTMetrics Launches Inclusive Leadership Solutions

New Leadership Pipeline suite enables enterprises to identify and cultivate 'potential' for future success


APTMetrics today announced at the all-virtual, 36th annual Society for Industrial and Organization Psychology (SIOP) Conference the launch of a comprehensive suite of Inclusive Leadership solutions that enables enterprises to create and grow a diverse pipeline of next-generation, "high-potential" leaders.

By focusing on the leadership demands required for success in the 21st-century workplace, Inclusive Leadership solutions enable organizations to more quickly adapt to changing market expectations and evolving business strategies. All elements of the suite are uniquely engineered to help address diversity, equity, and inclusivity (DEI) goals by focusing on measuring leader attributes that are tied to future business success. Inclusive Leadership solutions are designed to be rapidly configured and deployed in a highly cost-effective manner.

The foundation of Inclusive Leadership solutions is a new Leadership Pipeline suite comprised of modular assessments, analytics, and adjustments that support the Leadership Pipeline lifecycle. The assessment architecture addresses potential and readiness across three key leadership transitions - emerging leaders, mid-level leaders and executive leadership - and leverages a multi-trait, multi-method assessment model. Analytics provide reporting and recommendations for individuals and the aggregate in an easy-to-understand visual style. Adjustments offer a range of development programs and processes. The Leadership Pipeline suite integrates with popular HRIS platforms for seamless user experiences.

Unlike generic, off-the-shelf assessments that presume a one-size-fits-all solution, Inclusive Leadership solutions can be tailored for each client based on their specific objectives. A Leadership Pipeline program can be successfully deployed for small leadership groups in a single division or functional area and will easily scale up to thousands of leadership roles across an entire enterprise.

Leadership Pipeline assessments are delivered via the SelectionMetrics® Web-based platform, either in a corporate assessment center or remotely over secured internet connections. The highlight of the assessment process is an engaging high-fidelity multimedia simulation with rich, detailed resources. Complex, realistic corporate situations provide a framework for the measurement elements.

"APT has been successfully helping large enterprises identify and nurture leadership talent for over 25 years," said John C. Scott, co-founder and COO at APTMetrics. "Our new Inclusive Leadership solutions encapsulate our experience delivering numerous custom simulation-based assessments and development programs into a cost-effective, reusable platform that is easily adapted to client needs. Every company is under increasing pressure to establish and expand a diverse, equitable, and inclusive leadership pipeline to achieve revenue targets while minimizing the risks in a rapidly changing, uncertain future. Inclusive Leadership solutions enable current leadership to efficiently assess new leadership potential and optimize a dynamic workforce."

APTMetrics is the only HR consultancy that builds world-class talent solutions and is nationally recognized for its employment litigation support services. This combination ensures that the unique HR consulting services and talent management solutions we deliver are inclusive, fair, valid, and legally defensible. APTMetrics service areas include leadership assessment and development, talent acquisition, litigation support and risk reduction, and talent management. For more information, visit APTMetrics.com.

Susan Carnes

Source: APTMetrics

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