Apple-inspired Gag Gift Secures Fully Funded on Kickstarter

Apple iPhone inspired gag gift, the gut-splitting funny iCup, achieves full funding for US manufacturing and distribution for guaranteed holiday delivery.

You have to see the phone that made Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak literally LOL. 

The Kickstarter campaign for the iCups – this year’s most iRonic gag gift – recently reached its crowd-funding goal of $10,000 and is still growing! The Apple-inspired update of the classic 'Tin Can phone' is being heralded as a $7 alternative/accessory to the new iPhone6. Sure, it might look like just two paper cups connected by a string. But really, iCups is a top notch experience in fun.

If the world valued restraint and ease-of-use over flash and high-tech promises, then the launch of iCups on Kickstarter would have overshadowed Apple CEO Tim Cook's moment in the spotlight!

Amanda Kooser, Tech Writer, Cnet

As seen on Cnet, Yahoo News, Business Insider, and on live TV on Fox Business News, iCups makes the perfect gag gift for anyone expecting expecting the new iPhone 6 or Android phone this Christmas. The iCup is injecting some much needed humor into an otherwise humorless industry. Apple take themselves very seriously. Many folks in the media agree that the iCuo brand of lightheartedness is both awesomely entertaining and inherantly shareable. Everyone who has seen it knows someone they want to give it to! Maybe that Apple junkie from the office or the grandmother who refuses to succumb to the digital age. 

This is a gift that is intended to baffle and then delight. If you are planning to give and iPhone... imagine giving iCups first! You could watch as their face lights up when they see the Apple bag. Then watch the total confusion take over when they see the iCups symbol on a box that otherwise screams Apple. And finally, watch as they burst into laughter once they realize that the “smartest” phone this holiday season is also the simplest and funniest. 

There’s still time to join the iCups revolution, but customers must hurry. The campaign official ends in a few hours. They’ve introduced a new iCups Luxury Edition for ‘hero’ backers, with a higher quality box that adds another layer of parody to the whole experience.

Inventor Magdim Muhametshin is currently busy working with manufacturers so that his backers can receive their iCups a full 30-days before Christmas. 

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