Apollo Fintech Adds Huawei Eco-System CTO as Blockchain Security Advisor

Mr. Jorge Sebastiao is a leading expert in IT architecture, blockchain and cybersecurity.

Apollo Fintech is announcing a new addition to its advisor team, Mr. Jorge Sebastiao, a chief technology officer (CTO) of Huawei Technologies. Based in Dubai, Mr. Sebastiao brings more than 30 years of ICT experience (information and communications technology) including managed services, cloud computing, cybersecurity, blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, internet of things and ICT innovation.

Mr. Sebastiao will advise on many aspects of research and development, including blockchain security. He will ensure that Apollo continues to offer unparalleled security and stability, and stay ahead of technological risks and threats.

"Jorge adds unprecedented expertise in blockchain security to the Apollo Team," says Steve McCullah, director of business development. "His contributions have the potential to make Apollo not only the safest blockchain on the market, but one of the only quantum-proof blockchains."

Mr. Sebastiao is an international speaker on ICT, he recently stated that he is “glad to be part of Huawei Eco-system and make Apollo Currency a more secure and trusted solution.” He is one of many additions, including experts and partnerships, planned by Apollo in the coming months.

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