APOLAN Honors 2023 Award Winners

Annual member awards spotlight the optical LAN as the industry’s premier networking solution.


APOLAN, the non-profit organization advocating for the education and global adoption of Optical Local Area Networks, is pleased to announce the winners of the 2023 APOLAN Awards. These awards recognize individuals and member companies that have embraced the association’s mission to accelerate the adoption and evolution of fiber optic local access networks for enterprise. Award winners were honored during an award ceremony at the APOLAN Annual Member Meeting on Feb. 8, 2024. 

Education Award
The APOLAN Education Award recognizes member companies that have implemented initiatives to contribute to the education or promotion of optical LAN and its benefits.

This year’s winner is Tellabs for its Optical LAN Network Planning and Design Class. Tellabs offers this three-day course for free. It is designed for network engineers who are or will be responsible for designing and planning networks for the optical LAN. 

Excellence Award
The APOLAN Excellence Award recognizes the effective coordination of different teams, efficient problem-solving and the top-notch execution of project plans that lead to the successful installation of OLAN systems.

This year’s winners are Corning, Dirtt and Qypsys for the Rock Hill Manufacturing Plant project. This partnership resulted in a future-ready, cost-effective and streamlined installation while meeting the client’s needs for scalability, flexibility, reliability and minimal downtime. 

Innovation Award
The APOLAN Innovation Award recognizes member companies that have promoted innovative optical LAN advancements to meet the industry’s challenges. 

This year’s winner is Tellabs for the optical LAN carbon reduction calculator. This is the industry’s first passive optical LAN tool to aid IT and network professionals, architects and engineers by approximating the embodied and operational carbon savings. 

International Award
The APOLAN International Award recognizes member companies internationally that have contributed to the education or promotion of optical LAN and its benefits. 

This year’s winner is ITTERA for Miguelangel Ochoa’s contributions to the industry. Miguelangel has been a driving force in the international expansion and recognition of APOLAN and optical LAN technologies. 

Champion Award
The APOLAN Champion Award recognizes individuals who have raised awareness and increased the visibility of optical LAN and its benefits.

This year’s winner is Ron Valez, director of technology (retired)/independent consultant. Ron has been a consistent champion of optical LAN and initially deployed passive optical network technology at White Plains Schools under the guidance of one of APOLAN’s founding members, IBM. 

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Source: APOLAN