APEX Team Plans for Bahamian Getaway Trip

A tropic paradise awaits several members of the team from APEX, a premier interactive marketing firm located just east of Vancouver. Eight team members have been selected to go to the Bahamas as a reward for top performance.

“It was my pleasure to select these individuals for this all-expense-paid trip,” exclaimed Jaye A., APEX’s president. “These associates put forth exceptional efforts to be recognized as top performers in our organization. It is always a thrill to reward hard work with such an exciting opportunity.”

Jaye shared that APEX team members are continually offered travel opportunities as incentives to meet milestones and other criteria. “Our Bahamas trip is obviously quite special, because it’s more of a retreat than anything else,” he explained. “We do offer other trips for hard workers during the course of the year. For example, we select team members every quarter to attend our national leadership conferences. These events allow them to learn and grow from industry leaders and network with associates from other regions.”

"The Bahamas trip is the big incentive, though,"

Jays A., Company President

“The Bahamas trip is the big incentive, though,” he continued. “The team members who are selected for this trip must go above and beyond every day in order to attain this level of reward. These are our crème de la crème of associates. For their efforts, we’re pleased to provide them with some much-needed downtime frolicking on the beach, attending fabulous evening events, and just soaking up the sun. We’re heading into winter here in British Columbia so I think they’ll find the change of scenery quite refreshing.”

APEXs President Describes Why Vacation and Time Off Are Important

Hard work without any play can be a recipe for disaster, according to Jaye. “You have to have some time away from work in order to be effective,” he said. “Often people don’t recognize how important it to refresh the mind and spirit. While people prize workaholics who never take time off, they are actually promoting inefficiency and the potential for burnout.”

“When your associates have time off, it rejuvenates them,” Jaye continued. “They are refreshed and more energetic. Time away also allows them to approach projects and tasks from fresh perspectives. Think about what happens when you’re stuck on a project. If you keep working at it without a break, you’ll continue to try the same things over and over and become frustrated. However, when you step away and then return to it later, the solution becomes more obvious. It’s the same with work. When you get away, your ability to be innovative is vastly improved.”

“I’m pleased that, at APEX, we recognize the need to reward our people with opportunities to get away and relax,” Jaye concluded. “Our success is due to their efforts. It’s only fair that we provide them with wonderful rewards to share in our victory.”

About APEX

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