APEX Team on Top of Customer Service for the Holidays

APEX's managers promote superior customer service all year. However, it is especially enhanced during the hectic holiday season. The company's president addressed these efforts, and shared tips for combating seasonal stress.

“The high demand on most businesses this time of year really tests the abilities of their people to model core values,” said Jaye, APEX’s president. “Despite the pressure, we remain committed to the values of professionalism and integrity. As such, stellar customer care takes top priority. We consider every detail, down to the warm greetings and active listening.”

Jaye explained that he and his colleagues support the APEX team by organizing regular training opportunities. Among the topics addressed at these learning sessions are customer engagement, effective communication, and high-quality service.

"I expect my associates to treat each consumer as an individual with unique needs and motivations,"

Jaye , President

“I expect my associates to treat each consumer as an individual with unique needs and motivations,” Jaye said. “I certainly understand that doing so is tough when business is so active. Even with so many competing priorities, however, our professional development efforts kick in and we effectively build relationships with all the buyers we meet.”

In turn, the firm’s associates have plenty of opportunities to hone their developing skills. They are challenged to collaborate and rely on one another, which strengthens bonds and boosts performance. “It goes to show that growth never really ends,” Jaye indicated. “The more we advance, the more we expand our business, and the more brand success we achieve. We learn more along the way, and we do it all again!”

APEX President Shares Strategies for Beating Holiday Stress

APEX’s president is well aware that stress has a massive negative impact on productivity. That’s why he and his fellow leaders work so diligently to keep the holiday frenzy contained. “I set clear expectations and review them with my people on a consistent basis,” he continued. “The last thing they need this time of year is added confusion, so I make sure they understand their goals and responsibilities. We also have a routine of consistently sharing status reports, which ensures that things continue to run smoothly.”

According to Jaye, the APEX team members are also provided with as much downtime as possible. Whether they take turns running personal errands in the afternoons, or rotate days off to enjoy family time, stepping away from the office for a while keeps them feeling refreshed, creative, and motivated. “Even short breaks help prevent burnout, so we do our best to prioritize them,” he concluded. “Our dedicated associates deserve nothing less.”

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