Apex Marketing Events Advancing Team Following Expansion

The Apex Marketing Events management has advanced several associates following an expansion into a new market. Parker, the firm's Director of Operations, stated that these promotions reflect the company's leadership strategy.

​​​Parker stated that he tries to create opportunities for every Apex Marketing Events associate to advance his or her career. Growing the business to encompass a new, lucrative market has resulted in many such opportunities. Team members Lynne and Heather are joining the firm’s leadership. Additionally, Jill, Tracy, and Madison have been advanced to management roles.

“I am pleased to be able to announce so many promotions at once,” Parker said. “These individuals have truly earned their new responsibilities. They are hungry to learn and are always ready to step up and take on new tasks. I am confident that they will continue to excel and push our business to new limits.”

"I am committed to the success of all of our team members,"

Parker , Director of Operations

Parker asserted that using growth as a chance to reward team members is an excellent way to ensure everyone succeeds together. He stated that far too many people feel disconnected from the places where they work. By employing a collaborative environment driven by mutual success, Parker has been able to foster a team that gives 100 percent every day.

Apex Marketing Events’ Director Revealed Leadership Goals

A major component of the Apex Marketing Events leadership development strategy is to get up-and-coming team members into management roles quickly, Parker reveled. He has made it a top priority for the company to support the leadership potential of every associate from day one.

“I am committed to the success of all of our team members,” he said. “As soon as someone starts with our team, we are pushing them to think strategically. Gradually we give them more and more responsibility. This consistent level of challenge fuels the learning and growth of every Apex Marketing Events branding specialist.”

According to Parker, creating leaders within the company’s ranks rather than bringing in new people to fill management roles has many benefits. Perhaps most significantly, the opportunities to advance are extremely motivating. Additionally, the entire management team is intimately familiar with the business as a result of this approach, he explained.

“We also strive to connect everyone’s work to the overall vision of the company,” Parker concluded. “Purpose is a major motivating force in the professional world. By helping our people to understand why their work matters in the bigger picture, we make their job experiences more satisfying. It also creates a sense of ownership throughout the entire office. That is really valuable for us.”

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