Apex Marketing Events Attends R&R Retreat, Receives Award

Apex Marketing Events' team members recently attended an industrywide retreat in Las Vegas. During the awards ceremony, the firm received a presidential award for being one of the top offices in the country.

“One of our favorite things to do as a team is travel,” enthused Parker, Director of Operations at Apex Marketing Events. “That’s why it was so exciting for me to attend an industry-wide R&R event in Las Vegas with some of our top performers. Cameron E., Ally S., and Sarah D. have really proven themselves this year, and it was great to see them recognize their achievements on the retreat.”

The group took full advantage of the opportunities Las Vegas had to offer, visiting a hypnotist’s show and relaxing at the firm’s accommodations. “My favorite part of the trip was getting to connect with some familiar faces from our industry,” shared Parker. “It’s also wonderful to be able to sit down with the team and bond over trips to the pool and playing tourist in a new city.”

"Of course, it's important for people to be rewarded through compensation, but we find it far more important to base our system on recognition."

Parker, Director of Operations

Now that all the attendees have returned the office, their newfound inspiration is contagious. “We came away from this journey highly motivated and excited to get back to our colleagues,” said Parker. “2016 was a great year for us at Apex Marketing Events, and we can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store.”

How Apex Marketing Events Rewards Associates

“Travel isn’t just a way to get out of the office,” shared Parker. “It’s a way for us to recognize the hard work and diligence of our most committed associates.” In Parker’s experience, the most effective rewards for his team members aren’t necessarily financial. “Of course, it’s important for people to be rewarded through compensation, but we find it far more important to base our system on recognition.”

Being recognized and appreciated is absolutely key to making sure the most enthusiastic associates stay at Apex Marketing Events for the long haul. “We want our team members to know that we value the work they do. More than that, we’re paying attention,” pointed out Parker. “That’s why those who qualify are invited on special trips, like the event in Las Vegas.”

Travel as a reward ties together two essential concepts: benefit and recognition. “The people who get to travel learn a lot while we’re on the road,” finished Parker. “In Las Vegas, they got the chance to network and see the bigger picture when it comes to our industry as a whole. It’s a great benefit, and a chance to be recognized.”

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