APEX Biologix, LLC and Plasma Performance, LLC Announce Merger

APEX Biologix

Representatives from APEX Biologix, LLC and Plasma Performance, LLC are pleased to announce that the two companies merged on October 23, 2017, and will be conducting business under the APEX Biologix company name.

Plasma Performance and its President and Founder, Brandon Johnston, has been a pioneer in providing regenerative medicine supplies and training for physicians for the past decade. As a result of the merger, Plasma Performance clients will have full access to APEX Biologix’s full range of regenerative medicine products as well as their business marketing and medical advisory team.

“I felt like the merger with APEX Biologix would allow our current customers to have better access to a wider range of products that Plasma Performance did not currently offer, plus direct access to APEX Biologix’s incredible medical advisory team. This industry is growing and changing every day. I wanted to make sure that all of our customers would continue to have full access to resources that will help make them successful,” said Brandon Johnston.

The merger with Plasma Performance was a result of APEX Biologix’s vision “to be an industry leader, transforming the physicians [they] serve and the patients they treat.” As the science of regenerative medicine continues to develop, APEX Biologix will continue to promote and invest in the latest technology and procedural techniques that provide patients positive outcomes and better health.

President of APEX Biologix, Dan Crane, said, “We are thrilled to have Brandon and Plasma Performance join the APEX Biologix family. His experience and expertise in regenerative medicine will be a great asset to our clients and staff as we strive to be an industry leader and set us apart as the full-service regenerative medicine company. Plasma Performance will provide APEX a new level of technical sales training for clinics and physicians that are new to regenerative medicine.”

About APEX Biologix

APEX Biologix is a full-service regenerative medicine company which serves North America, supplying physicians with the necessary tools and resources to successfully provide regenerative treatments to their patients. All Plasma Performance office operations will be conducted from APEX Biologix’s main office in Salt Lake City, UT.

Source: APEX Biologix

About Apex Biologix

Apex Biologix is a Utah-based biomedical company specializing in providing training in regenerative medicine procedures for doctors looking to expand their practices and increase revenue streams.

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