APEX Biologix, LLC Announces Agreement With New Exosome Supplier

APEX Biologix

APEX Biologix, a nationally recognized leader in manufacturing and distributing cutting-edge biologic supplies will now have access to an exciting new product. This product is changing the way many physicians treat patients in the regenerative medicine space. APEX Biologix has announced its national distribution agreement with Direct Biologix LLC, which produces a high-quality and extremely consistent mesenchymal-stem-cell-derived exosome product.

President of APEX Biologix, Dan Crane said, “The regenerative medicine industry is rapidly growing and changing. The importance of providing our physicians with the most cutting-edge products with the highest-quality standards is essential. We are thrilled to be able to add Direct Biologics’ products into our product line to continue to provide the most complete regenerative medicine catalog in the market.”

“Every vial is sterile-filtered and tested to meet the United States Pharmacopeia (USP<71>) sterility requirements, as well as extracellular vesicle characterization to deliver a minimum of 10 billion exosomes per milliliter (mL). That’s going to change patient outcomes dramatically,” explains Mark Adams, CEO of Direct Biologics. 

The partnership substantiates both companies’ commitment to technological advances in regenerative medicine, patient safety, product consistency, and optimum patient outcome. This national agreement also allows APEX Biologix to provide their customers with extremely competitive pricing on all exosomes products.

ABOUT APEX BIOLOGIX: APEX Biologix is a full-service regenerative medicine company serving North America, supplying physicians with the necessary tools and resources to successfully provide regenerative treatments to their patients, including PRP systems, BMC systems and various allograft products. To learn more about our new exosomes products please visit www.apexbiologix.com.

ABOUT DIRECT BIOLOGICS: Direct Biologics, LLC is an industry leader focused on the development of innovative HCTP 361 tissue-based technologies designed to stimulate and orchestrate natural tissue restoration and regeneration. ExoFlo exosomes are intended for homologous use as an allograft to be used in the repair of damaged or lost soft tissue. Direct Biologics’ allograft technologies work with the body by stimulating the body’s inherent regenerative ability to achieve natural tissue restoration.

Kaho Fiefia
​Director of Marketing & Operations
Phone: 801-903-1131
Email: Kaho@apexbiologix.com

Source: APEX Biologix

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