Announcing TSplus the Best Alternative to Citrix

Easy to configure and install, TSplus can be setup in less than 5 minutes; TSplus' solutions offer an outstanding alternative to Citrix. Thanks to its HTML5 and Web Portal technology, TSplus delivers Windows applications with a simple web browser. Working remotely has never been easier.

TSplus offers the best solution that aligns with the needs, tight budgets, and limited resources of small-mid size businesses looking for a brilliant Web Access system. With TSplus, organizations can benefit from simplified IT, reduced costs, increased productivity and improved users' satisfaction.

TSplus is a Web Portal solution

Publish any Windows apps in minutes, not months. In a snap, TSplus will incorporate your legacy application like SAP, PowerBuilder or Uniface within your Web Portal. Dramatically reduce integration time to web enable, unlock and modernize your Internet/Intranet architecture.

TSplus Web Application Portal has revolutionized the workday by giving employees greater mobility and quicker access to crucial data,  with the ability to choose the ideal time and location for their work. TSplus helps organizations to improve employee satisfaction by reducing the time needed to enter essential information into systems, so staff are better able to care for their duty and in a timelier manner.

TSplus improves your employees satisfaction

See what it looks like when everything works together: Web Enable your Windows legacy apps, manage your users' environment and connect  with TSplus Web Application Portal. The Web Application Portal has everything you need to build beautiful, engaging environment that powers and improves the user's satisfaction. Build web enabled environment that enhances the work efficiency.

TSplus secures your business information

TSplus provides strict yet flexible control over access, with trustworthy endpoint security. Enterprise applications, data, and business information are stored securely in your datacenter, with available access from any location. When an organization deploys a TSplus solution, the IT department can easily define and enforce various policies over which specific users have access with the AdminTool, as well as define which users can start applications. In the event of new or departing employees, transfers, or business continuity situations; the IT department can instantly turn the TSplus Remote Desktop and Application access on or off as necessary.

TSplus, the #1 Citrix alternative takes Remote Desktop Technology to new heights, with an array of tools that give your team the power to score more wins, increase productivity, and keep the pipeline filled with solid leads. And with Cloud Computing, no hardware neither speed limits.

TSplus is your opportunity towards a more simplified and cost-effective remote access solution:

TSplus is the ideal solution for customers who want a powerful, yet more straightforward and cost-effective alternative to Citrix®XenApp. TSplus provides the same key security, reliability, performance, and mobility benefits that Citrix offers - more simply and at a price that more organizations can afford.

Join the many businesses and organizations who have already made the switch! TSplus caters to your application-publishing needs as part of a broad range of business use-cases, to increase productivity and significantly reduce complexity and IT costs.

Donwload TSplus Trial Version for FREE :

About TSplus Software:

TSplus International worked over a decade of building the best Citrix alternative and its team is at the top of its game. TSplus has developed worldwide class solutions to web-enable any Windows application. TSplus offers the most advanced solutions for Cloud Computing, Web Portal and Application Publishing services. Their global solutions range from multinational to SMBs. From HR to Finance to IT, see how quickly you can web enable instantly your Windows apps for collaborating, connecting, and increasing productivity.

For additional information, visit or send an e-mail to who will be pleased to answer you.

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